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Follett Access Digital Content Information

What is Follett ACCESS?

The Follett ACCESS Digital Content program gives students access to their required textbook and other course materials on the first day of classes. The textbook is available in an e-book format inside the student’s Canvas class. Canvas is NRCC’s learning management system.

The Follett ACCESS E-book program benefits students by

  • Offering the convenience of paying for course materials with tuition and fees. The cost is often less than that of a traditional textbook, so students save money.
  • Eliminating the wait time in bookstore lines.
  • Ensuring that all students are prepared on the first day of class.

Once students enroll in a class that uses the Follett ACCESS E-books program, a charge will appear automatically on their student account. It is listed as a "class specific fee."

Students can pay online through SIS, in-person at the Business Office on the Dublin campus, or in-person at the information desk at the Christiansburg site. Students cannot pay the Follett Access E-books program fees at the NRCC Bookstore.

The NRCC Access to Community College (ACCE) program does not cover the Follett ACCESS E-books program fees. In addition, other third parties do not pay the Follett ACCESS E-books program fees, including GIBill® benefits, Virginia Prepaid 529 plans, Department of Social Services scholarships, and waivers. In these cases, students are responsible for paying the Follett ACCESS E-books fees or obtaining the required material on their own.

The following courses are included for Spring 2023:

  • BIO 101 - $74.75
  • BIO 102 - $74.75
  • BIO 141 - $75.00
  • BIO 142 - $75.00
  • BIO 150 - $80.00
  • CHM 111 - $81.50
  • CHM 111 L - $83.75
  • CHM 112 - $81.50
  • CHM 112 L - $83.75
  • CST 100 - $75.75
  • ECO 202 - $49.00
  • GOL 105 - $85.00
  • HIS 102 - $39.00
  • HIS 121 - $45.00
  • HIS 122 - $45.00
  • MTH 111 - $87.75
  • MTH 154 - $75.00
  • MTH 266 - $75.00
  • PSY 200 - $45.00
  • PSY 215 - $65.50
  • PSY 216 - $35.00
  • PSY 230 - $35.00
  • REL 230 - $35.00
  • NRCC’s web schedule identifies classes participating in the Follett ACCESS E-books program in the notes for each class.
  • After registering for a class that participates in the Follett ACCESS E-books program, students will receive an email notification from the college with information about the Follett ACCESS E-book program and the process for choosing to opt-out of it.
  • A few weeks before classes begin, students will receive an email from Follett with the opt-out option and login instructions to the opt-out portal.
  • Students will see the Follett ACCESS E-book program fees listed on their tuition invoice. The fees show as a “class specific fee.”

On the first day of classes, students should log into Canvas. They will find information there about how to access the e-book for the course. They will also receive an email to their college email address about a week before the start of classes that provides a link to the e-book on a platform called "BryteWave shelf." BryteWave shelf houses the Follett ACCESS e-books.

Students should use their VCCS email to set up necessary accounts for the Follett ACCESS E-books program.

Students may opt-out of the Follett ACCESS E-books program via the link found in their student email or at https://accessportal.follett.com/1737, but they will be responsible for obtaining the required material on their own, which could result in higher course material fees. The bookstore can assist with the opt-out process and answer any questions regarding the Follett ACCESS E-books program.

Yes. You can go to https://accessportal.follett.com/1737 to opt out of the program. However, the majority of students save money on textbook costs by using the Follett Access E-books program. If students opt-out, they must obtain the required class materials on their own.

All students are automatically opted into the Follett ACCESS E-books program when they enroll in a participating Follett ACCESS E-books program course. If students want to opt-out, they must do so before the last date to add/drop a course for a full refund.

The bookstore can assist with the opt-out process and answer any questions you may have regarding this program.

Contact the NRCC bookstore manager, Barrett Bain, at bbain@nr.edu or call the bookstore at 540-674-3638.


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