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NRCC Mobile E-mail Help

Please note: Setting up an e-mail account on any device is solely at the user’s discretion. Your e-mail and personal information could be at risk if your device is lost, stolen or compromised.

NRCC e-mail can be accessed using e-mail applicatons on mobile devices such as Android/Droid, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

@nr.edu e-mail address settings (Employees)

Set up Exchange email on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  1. If this is the first email account on your iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.
  2. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.
  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange.
  4. You don’t need to type anything in the Domain box. Type the information requested in the Email, Username, and Password boxes. You need to type your full email address in the Email and Username boxes (for example, tony@contoso.com).
  5. Tap Next on the upper-right corner of the screen. Your mail program will try to find the settings it needs to set up your account. Go to step 8 if your mail program finds your settings.
  6. If your iPhone can’t find your settings, you’ll need to type outlook.office365.com in the server name field and then tap Next.
  7. Choose the type of information you want to synchronize between your account and your device, and then touch Save. By default, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar information are synchronized.

Set up Microsoft Office 365 on Android device using Microsoft Exchange
In order to access Microsoft Office 365 e-mails, contacts, calendar and tasks on your Android-based devices, you need to set up a Microsoft Exchange account on the Android. Unfortunately each model of the android cell phone may vary in changing the email on the phone. The following info is just one of the examples for changing an android device. Keep in mind that when it asks for userid it needs the full email address (sname@nr.edu). There is no domain used for the cloud exchange so that would be deleted. The webmail.nr.edu is changed to office.outlook365.com.

  1. Select ‘Email’ from ‘Applications’ menu
  2. Write down your email id and password
  3. Click ‘Exchange account’ or ‘Exchange ActiveSync’ on your Android
  4. Next, type in full email address in ‘Domain\Username’field (NO Domain is used here)
  5. Type in the password under ‘Password’ box.
  6. Select ‘Automatic’ for ‘Email checking frequency’ to receive email messages directly to your Android
  7. If you are asked for a webserver name use outlook.office365.com

There are some other options you may choose such as ‘Notify me when email arrives’, ‘Sync contacts from this account’ and choose the length options, ‘Three days’, ‘One day’ and ‘One Week’ under ‘Amount to synchronize’ option. And you are done; now you can access Microsoft Office 365 Outlook mails, calendars, contacts on your Android phone.

@email.vccs.edu e-mail address settings (Students & Employees)

The VCCS utilizes Google's gmail for @email.vccs.edu e-mail accounts.

If your device has an option for setting up a new "gmail" or "Google" account, choose that option and enter your VCCS username and password.

If your device does not have a "gmail" or "Google" account option, your e-mail account might still be able to be accessed using POP. You must first log into your @email.vccs.edu account using a web browser and enable "POP" in your account's settings. Google has several tutorials about how to setup your device to communicate with your @email.vccs.edu e-mail: Google POP Tutorials

If you need additional help, please contact the NRCC Help Desk.



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