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Welcome to Career Services

Career Services

Career Services are available at New River Community College as part of the comprehensive educational program offered to NRCC students, Alumni, and faculty/staff. Our Career/ Academic Advisors assist students with exploring, developing, and setting goals related to each student's unique educational and academic needs. These services include helping students engage in self-discovery, exploring possible majors and careers, researching occupational information, developing and utilizing appropriate job search skills, and producing career related documents such as resumes and cover letters.

Career Advising

Undecided About Your Major and/or Future Career

If so, one of the first steps in the career decision making process is to learn more about yourself. Exploring the options listed under “Self-Assessment” can help you to learn about career options that could be consistent with your interests, personality, skills, and values.


Review programs of study at NRCC, ODU, RU, and VT by exploring the “Degrees/Majors” links.

What Can I Do With This Major

Connect your major with an applicable career by locating information on related careers, career paths, and job titles. Review the options under “Linking Degrees/Majors with Careers.”

Career Information

Access the “Career Information” links to research information on careers such as typical work duties and environments, educational requirements, salaries, and outlook for the future.

Finding Employment

The culmination of the career decision making/development process is finding a job. Access basic information about the job search including; “Job Search/Employment,” preparing “Resumes” and “Cover Letters,”“Networking,”“Interviewing,” and “Working a Job Fair.”

NRCC Advisors

Contact one of NRCC Advisors for assistance with any aspect of the career search process. Services include helping students create career plans, determining appropriate educational plans to support the chosen career, and providing the necessary assistance to help individuals reach short-term needs and long-term career goals. Additionally, Career Advisors can help students develop and/or improve job search soft skills and create business documents including resumes and cover letters.

The Office of Academic Advising is pleased to offer you access to the above resources. Pull together ideas, references and questions and schedule an appointment to meet with one of the Advisors available to you at NRCC.

Career Services Staff

Call (540) 674-3600 or toll-free 1-866-462-6722, then you will be prompted to add the extension number to reach any employee.



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