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Work Study Information

Listed below are the responsibilities of college work-study students. For indepth information and resources for work-study information, please view the entire Financial Aid Handbook.

Responsibilities of College Work-Study Students

  1. In the Federal College Work-Study Program, the job provides you an opportunity to earn money to defray educational costs plus use and further develop your skills and sense of responsibility. At the same time, many worthwhile services are being performed which would otherwise be left undone due to a lack of money or staff on behalf of the college. Since you are also a student and on occasion need study time, discuss time release with your supervisor. Before taking work time for studies, you should first investigate using your personal free-time. The supervisor should be contacted three days in advance to request time off from work.

  2. Students who have been awarded Federal College Work-Study and have not contacted the Financial Aid Office for job placement within the first three weeks of classes will lose their work-study award for the year.

  3. W-4 and VA-4 Withholding Tax Forms, Drug Policy Form, the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) which includes two forms of identification (driver’s license and social security card) as specified by the form, and a handicap information form must be completed and placed on file in the Financial Aid Office before beginning work. If you have a name change you must provide us with a copy of your new Social Security Card. Anyone completing a new Social Security Card Application will not be able to work until we receive a copy of your new card on file. TheSocial Security Administration indicates that it takes approximately two weeks to receive a new card.

  4. The maximum number of hours you can work is 30 hours per pay period. You will be paid straight time for any holidays you work. No hours may be counted on days that the college is officially closed.

  5. All supervisors must approve the student’s time sheet in People Soft after the student has entered the time he/she worked during the current pay period. If you are sick the day time sheets are due, you must call the Human Resource Office for further instructions.

  6. You will be paid by direct deposit. Pay checks will be distributed by the Payroll schedule and will be directly deposited into your savings or checking account.  Please remember to complete the direct deposit slip and turn it into the Human Resource (HR) Department. (Please contact HR for Payroll schedule, dates that time sheets are due and when checks are distributed).

  7. Workers are expected to get approval from the supervisor of the hours to be worked. These work times should be determined by the supervisor and the student.

  8. Time sheets must be entered by you, approved by your supervisor and submitted to the Human Resource Office every other Thursday. An accurate record of hours must be kept as time sheets are audited by the State and Federal governments.

  9. You, as a FWS student, are responsible to your supervisor and must perform your duties satisfactorily. If you do not perform as required, you will be requested to leave your work assignment and be removed from the Federal Work-Study Program.

  10. You, as a FWS student, are responsible for knowing the number of hours for which you are eligible to work. Any student working over his allotted hours, without the knowledge and permission of the Director of Financial Aid, will not be reimbursed for overworked hours.

  11. In case of absence from work, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor immediately of your reason for absence. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the Federal College Work-Study Program.

  12. You are expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress while enrolled in classes.

  13. In an effort to evaluate your work performance as a Federal College Work-Study employee, your supervisor is requested to complete an evaluation of your work annually, this evaluation is maintained in your financial aid file.

  14. If you have any questions about your Federal College Work-Study position or responsibilities, you are encouraged to make an appointment with a member of the Financial Aid office staff.

  15. Federal Work-Study awards are defined as financial assistance to help students in their educational expenses. You are expected to save from 60 percent to 80 percent of your earnings for this purpose.

  16. Federal College Work-Study students wishing to change jobs under the program must work through the Financial Aid Office and the supervisor. A written statement must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office and the current supervisor requesting the change in jobs.

Non-Discrimination Statement:
New River Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Dr. Mark C. Rowh, Vice President for Workforce Development and External Relations, 217 Edwards Hall, 540-674-3600, ext. 4241. Inquiries concerning Title IX (sexual harassment, sexual assault/domestic violence/dating violence, and stalking) may be directed to Dr. Deborah Kennedy, Dean of Student Services, 268 Rooker Hall, 540-674-3690. or, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Mr. John Bowler, Academic Advisor for the Center of Disability Services, 115 Christiansburg site, 540-674-3600, ext. 4418. Inquiries concerning ADA and Section 504 may be directed to Lucy Howlett, Coordinator of the Center for Disability Services, Advising Center, 275 Rooker Hall, V/TTY 540-674-3619



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