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Dates of Interest:

Summer classes end
Practical Nurse Pinning Ceremony, 6 p.m., 117 Edwards Hall
Grades available online for students (2nd 5-wk & 10-wk session)
Fall Semester Classes Begin
A student works in financial aid office

TRA and TAA Overview

Trade Adjustment Assistance: Trade adjustment assistance is available to workers who lose their jobs or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of increased imports

Under the Trade Act of 1974, as amended, workers whose employment is adversely affected by increased imports may apply for TAA. TAA includes a variety of benefits and reemployment services to help unemployed workers prepare for and obtain suitable employment. Workers may be eligible for training, a job search allowance, a relocation allowance, and other reemployment services. Additionally, trade readjustment allowances (TRA) may be payable to eligible workers following their exhaustion of unemployment benefits.

Facts For NRCC Students

  1. TRA students must complete the bi-weekly forms; these forms prove whether or not the student has been attending classes and has made progress in the classes.
  2. TAA pays for tuition, fees, necessary supplies, needed books.
  3. TRA will also pay for a student to get bi-weekly benefits when unemployment is exhausted.
  4. As long as a student has tuition, fees, etc. paid for by TRA the student must fill out the bi-weekly TRA forms and turn them in on the due date.
  5. Students who receive the Pell Grant, SEOG, or Veteran's Benefits must report these funds.
  6. TAA will only pay for those classes that are necessary for the one curriculum in which you plan to receive a degree or certificate. If DE course is available in a regular classroom setting, the Trade Act student must enroll in that class.
  7. A student may be on Unemployment Insurance (UI) and TAA at the same time. This means that the student is receiving bi-weekly benefits from UI and that tuition/fees and books/supplies are being paid by TAA.
  8. TRA students do have a limit on the amount of money that each student can charge for books and supplies for the total time they attend college.

NRCC TRA Forms - Before filling out any TRA forms for the first time, please contact the Financial Aid Office