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Welcome to Transfer Resources. NRCC Transfer Resources
Transfer Degree Programs Transfer Degree Programs
How to Become a Student Admissions/Records Website

NRCC Transfer Agreements

There are Admission or Articulation Agreements between the Virginia Community College System and over 20 individual four-year colleges and universities in Virginia. It is important to carefully read the agreement for the college to which you plan to transfer. The cumulative GPA and other admission requirements vary for each four-year institution (and perhaps for specific majors within the institution).

Meet with an admissions counselor and/or academic advisor at the four-year institution because:

  • Some colleges require submission of a letter of intent, often one year in advance to enrollment.
  • Acceptance into the four institution does not guarantee acceptance into your intended major.
  • Prerequisite courses for majors are completed the freshman and/or sophomore year. In some cases NRCC may not offer equivalent courses which transfer; therefore it is important to plan early and meet with an academic advisor at the four year college for your intended major.

Advising Center Contact Information

If you would like to speak with an Academic Advisor, call the Advising Center at (540) 674-3609.

Advising Center Staff

Call (540) 674-3600 or toll-free 1-866-462-6722, then you will be prompted to add the extension number to reach any employee.

Emily Armstrong


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Tami Bird


Student Services Administrative Assistant

Employee Photo

John Bowler


Advisor, Disability and Student Services, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

Employee Photo

Kimberly Brewer



Employee Photo

Peggy Dunn


Advisor, REV, Re-Employing Virginians

Employee Photo

Mark Hanks


Student Resource Specialist

Employee Photo

Carrie Hodge


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Gwen Houston


Student Resources and Career Services Advisor

Employee Photo
  •   ghouston@nr.edu
  •  Telephone ext: 4408
  •  Office: Uptown Room 153

Lucy Howlett


Disability Services Coordinator

Employee Photo

Jeremy Jones


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Deborah Kennedy


Dean of Student Services, Title IX Coordinator for Students

Employee Photo

Bridget Meneghini


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Lori Mitchell


Student Success Coordinator

Employee Photo

Serena Moore


Student Welcome Center Operator

Employee Photo

Brennen O'Neill


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Frances Scartelli


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Stephanie Shinn


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Jennie Simmons


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo

Rick Weaver


REV Advisor

 No Picture of Employee

Alison Weston


Enrollment Management and Transfer Services Coordinator

Employee Photo

Rebecca Whitener


Student Services Advisor

Employee Photo



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