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Welcome to the Sociology Department Website
What is Sociology? What is Sociology
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Welcome to the NRCC Sociology Department

NRCC’s Sociology Department offers a variety of courses for students looking to explore the discipline of sociology or pursuing a degree in sociology or related fields. It is the goal that each student who takes a sociology class at NRCC develops a sociological imagination, i.e., the ability to step back and analyze the broader meaning of social life. By developing a social imagination, one is able to better understand how social forces affect theirs and others' life choices which help to foster an understanding of multiple, often differing, perspectives. These are important skills to have in today’s culturally diverse workforce. Please use this webpage to better understand what the NRCC Sociology Department has to offer.


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Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. More specifically, sociology focuses on understanding social relationships; how those relationships influence people’s behavior; and how societies develop and change as a result of these social relationships.  Sociologists use a unique type of critical thinking, the sociological imagination, to understand social behavior.  The sociological imagination is the awareness of the relationship between and individual and society.  In developing a sociological imagination, one is able to step back and analyze the broader meaning of social life, i.e., to not take things at face value.  Sociologists put their sociological imaginations to work to better understand various dimensions of social behavior; e.g., aging, divorce, racism, deviance, and group dynamics.   It is through sociology that much of what is considered “common sense” about the social world is scientifically proven or in many cases disproven.  Thus, sociology contributes to a better understanding of the social world in which we all participate. 

Sociology Department Contact Information

General questions and requests about the sociology department should be directed to Heidi Morehead 1-866-462-6722, extension 4356, or (540) 674-3600 extension 4356.
You may also email hmorehead@nr.edu.

Sociology Department Faculty

Call (540) 674-3600 or toll-free 1-866-462-6722, then you will be prompted to add the extension number to reach any employee.

Vernon Kelley


Adjunct Instructor

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Heidi Morehead


Professor of Sociology/Program Review and Assessment Specialist

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