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Graphics Department

ITC offers design assistance in creating print and multimedia materials for college-related activities.

Directional signs - Requests for directional signs should be submitted two weeks in advance of the date required. Include the activity name, date, and location in your request. Three 18x24 single or double-sided signs will be produced, laminated and forwarded to the NRCC Security Office to be placed in sign holders at strategic locations in advance of the event.

Displays, Posters, Flyers - The ITC designs flyers, displays, and other printed material for NRCC-related events and announcements. We do our best to accommodate your request for a specific size although within the ITC we are limited to 8 1/2 x 11 inch output. Larger formats must be forwarded to another department or sent out-of-house for output.

Lamination - The ITC offers laminating and mounting for NRCC-related materials. Items to be laminated can have one side no longer than 24 inches. We do our best to provide high quality lamination; however, please note that because of paper stock size and thickness and environmental factors such as humidity, we cannot guarantee an error-free job. The larger the format and thinner the stock, the more wrinkles or bubbles will occur in the finished product.

Logos - If your department, division, or college-related organization would like assistance in establishing identity via a professionally designed logo, the ITC will work closely with you to create an image to suit your function and taste.

Mounting - The ITC can dry-mount your photos and other graphics for displays. We offer 1/4 inch Foam-Cor and 4-to-6 ply railroad board as backing. Please note that over time Foam-Cor will warp; therefore, it is suggested that if you desire dry mounting for archival purposes you may wish to supply a more warp-resistant backing such as Gatorfoam.

Novelty/Promotion - If you desire novelty/promotional items such as T-shirts, hats, mouse pads or pens, the ITC can assist in the design and communication processes between you and the vendor to ensure high quality results.

Scanning - The ITC has several high quality flatbed scanners and a document scanner for faculty and staff use. If you are in need of document conversion from paper to digital accurate OCR (optical character recognition), technology is available. We will assist you in learning the scanning process so you may utilize the hardware as needed.

Graphics - Staff

Rick Maitri Rick Maitri
Graphics Coordinator,
Innovative Technology Center
Office: Martin 215
Extension: 4293
Rick Maitri has done graphic production since he was in middle school in the late 1970s. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Rick worked at multiple ad agencies and freelance graphics before joining New River Community College in 1986.

In addition to graphic design, Rick Maitri is also responsible for a great amount of the college’s photography, plus, he helps create and maintain NRCC Web sites and is involved in mobile application development.

Outside of NRCC, Rick runs a Roanoke-based freelance graphics, photography and Web design business. One of Rick’s main focuses is the production and maintenance of promotional materials and a Web site for his wife, Cyndi, who owns multi-award winning Westlake Massage & Spa at Smith Mountain Lake.

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