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  • Even though personal computers (laptops and/or desktops) are not mandated by the college they are however necessary for completion of the degrees in Engineering Design/Architectural Engineering & Design programs. With the limited space/time available in the Engineering Design lab, it is not possible for a student to accomplish all the work needed for homework and projects without outside class time. With many students working different shifts or having other outside responsibilities and obligations while attending school, having a personal computer at home or a laptop that is capable of running Engineering Design/Animation software used in class is extremely important.
  • I have attached a PDF file that has my personal recommendations for both computer specs as well as manufacturers. These specs will be suitable for a student entering the Engineering Design program in FALL 2018 who will spend two years in the program.
  • A computer purchased for Engineering Design programs SHOULD NOT be loaded down with a great deal of other software as this will greatly decrease the speed and performance of the system. Music and file sharing programs such as:
    1. uTorrent
    2. Frostwire
    3. BitComet
    4. BitTorrent
    5. Vuze
    6. MP3 Rocket
    7. WinMX
    8. ETC… ETC…
  • These and other similar products will increase the chance of viruses, worms and trojans that can completely wipe out a system.
  • One of the KEY elements of success for the student in the Engineering Design program depends on their ability to work on and complete Engineering Design projects outside of class time. It is imperative for them to have the technology on hand to do this other than the computers in the Engineering Design lab.
  • The purchase of a computer should be looked at as an investment and not and expense. It is the most critical tool that a Engineering Design student will use other than their brain in the two years they take classes here at New River. A simple analogy: A mechanic can not go to a garage to get a job expecting to borrow another mechanic’s tools. The computer is the lifeblood of the Engineering Design technician/designer.
  • If you have any questions, you may e-mail me at

    Jeff Levy,
    EDT Program Head

» Computer Recommendations for CAD/Architecture (PDF File)

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