Loise Billaud


Lecture-Recital by Louise Billaud


In this lecture-recital, Louise Billaud identifies and discusses the ties between art, history, literature, politics and music in 19th century Paris with the uniting central figure of Mazeppa, the legendary 17th century Cossack Hetman. His influence during his lifetime and, for centuries to come, the mystique and the resulting “Mazeppa Legend” are unveiled in this unique presentation followed by a live performance of “Mazeppa”, the famous Transcendental Etude Nr.4 by Franz Liszt.

Louise Billaud is a pianist and Associate Professor of Music at New River Community College in Southwest Virginia and most recently earned her D.M.A. in Music Education from Boston University.

Released in 2006. Recorded live on the campus of New River Community College, Dublin, Virginia.

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