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International Student Admissions
Maintaining F-1 Status

When the I-20 is signed and dated, the student is agreeing to abide by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) Immigration laws governing F-1 status and is responsible for knowing the regulations pertaining to the specific non-immigrant classification. Failure to follow the required federal regulations and procedures in the appropriate manner will result in the loss of legal status in the United States.

Remember, it is the student's responsibility to maintain his/her legal status!

Some of the regulations F-1 students must follow are:

  1. Maintain a valid passport
  2. Attend the school authorized to attend
  3. Pursue a full-course of study (12 credit hours per semester) and make normal progress toward the completion of course of studies. A few provisions to this requirement are possible.
  4. Enroll in classes by the required registration date each semester (this is the first day of classes).
  5. Only one on-line/distance education course (3 credits) per semester may be counted toward full-time enrollment.
  6. Apply for extension of program before the expiration date on the SEVIS I-20.
  7. Follow USCIS transfer procedures for moving from one school to another, or one educational level to another.
  8. Refrain from employment without authorization by the USCIS.
  9. USCIS requires F-1 students to report address within 10 days of any change and also to inform NRCC about the new address by completing the Change of Address form in the Admissions Office. The address will then be updated in SEVIS, which fulfills the student's address reporting obligation to USCIS. Students who are subject to Special Registration requirements must also complete and submit the AR-11SR form to USCIS.
  10. Remain in the U.S. no longer than 60 days after completing the full course of study (unless procedures such as practical training, transfer of schools, or change of educational level has been completed).



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