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Forensic Science

In addition to meeting entry-level requirements for police officer positions, New River Community College's forensic science program provides students with specialized knowledge and skills in the areas of collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence.

NRCC has an extensive, modern analytical laboratory equipped to give students an introduction to theoretical and practical application of many analyses found in crime labs. In fact, our analytical laboratory is virtually unparalleled at the community college level throughout the United States.
Students will be introduced to the science of criminalistics with lecture/lab work in general crime scene processing, latent evidence processing, ballistics, toolmark and impression analysis using our own on-campus ballistics capture system and ballistics comparison microscope, drug and other organic analysis using gas-liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography and spectrophotometry, just to name a few. Students interested in pursuing a career in this highly-specialized field can transfer credits to four-year colleges offering degree programs in Forensic Science. Many students use the Forensic Science program as a second degree option to enhance career advancement into the area of criminal investigation.

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