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Administration of Justice Overview

Leading Edge Education

Rapidly changing conditions, societal expectations and fear of crime, efforts toward professionalism through nationwide police accreditation programs -- such developments demand that future law enforcement officers be the best educated and well-trained group in U.S. history.

Practical Skills

New River Community College’s Administration of Justice program provides students with the educational credentials necessary to enter police work and serves current officers who wish to upgrade their education for career development and promotion. Most course work required for either of the two different associate of applied science degree options, majors in Police Science and Forensic Science, may be applied to bachelor's degree programs at four-year colleges and universities.

Substantial Opportunity

With over one million full-time officers in the U.S., law enforcement is one of the largest areas of employment in the public sector. The steady increase of nearly 300,000 full-time officers over a twenty-year period shows a positive trend in law enforcement opportunies and supports the statement by police officers, "our business is crime - and our business is always good."