Contact Information:

Jack Lewis
President of the College
Telephone Extension: 4210
Office: Godbey 01

NRCC early morning

President's Staff

Call Toll Free: 1-866-462-6722 or (540) 674-3600 plus the extension number to reach any employee.

Angie Covey

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Executive Director of NRCC Educational Foundation
Telephone Extension: 3655
Office Location: Godbey 07

Amy Hall

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Associate Director of ASLP/Emergency Coordination Officer
Telephone Extension: 4211
Office Location: Godbey 56

Pat Huber

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Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
Telephone Extension: 4451
Office Location: Godbey 04

Jack Lewis

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President of the College
Telephone Extension: 4210
Office Location: Godbey 01

Kathy Ridpath

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Administrative Office Specialist
Telephone Extension: 3601
Office Location: Godbey 02

Mark Rowh

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Vice President for Workforce Development and External Relations
Telephone Extension: 4241
Office Location: Edwards 217

Fredrick Streff

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Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Telephone Extension: 3637
Office Location: Godbey 05

John Van Hemert

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Vice President for Finance and Technology
Telephone Extension: 4238
Office Location: Godbey 22

Jill Williams

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Director of the Accountability in Student Learning Program (ASLP)
Telephone Extension: 3647
Office Location: Godbey 55