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Nursing Transfer Admission

Nursing transfer students are students who are currently enrolled in a nursing program or who have been enrolled in a nursing program at another institution. Nursing students who wish to transfer from another nursing program may do so on a seat available basis. Nursing transfer students must meet all NRCC and nursing program admission requirements. In addition to applying for admission to NRCC, nursing students must submit a transfer nursing admission application, a letter of good standing from the program director of their previous nursing program, and official transcripts to NRCC. Transfer students may be asked to provide the Dean of Health Professions with copies of previous nursing course syllabi if courses were taken outside of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS).

The nursing courses to be transferred will be evaluated for transfer credit on an individual basis. A grade of ā€œCā€ or better is required for all accepted transferred nursing courses. Students applying for transfer must validate dose calculation competency by completing the Dose Calculation Competency Assessment with 80% accuracy or higher prior to approval for admission.

Students absent from a nursing program for three semesters will be required to demonstrate competency in the previously credited course content areas.

Students absent from a nursing program four semesters or more must repeat all nursing courses.

Acceptance of transfer and substitute credits in nursing to meet requirements of the curriculum will be determined by the Dean of Health Professions. A student who transfers into the nursing program at NRCC will be required to repeat any nursing or other required courses which are not considered comparable to the NRCC nursing program which follows the VCCS curriculum or in which the grade earned is lower than a ā€œC.ā€ Transfer students must meet the same standards as other students in the program.

Students seeking to transfer nursing credits to NRCC should contact the nursing admissions specialist. Students from other colleges who are transferring only non-nursing credits should apply through the usual means for new students.



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