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MUS 226 World Music

Course Materials | Course Plan | Getting Started

Soundscapes provide entry points for understanding the people who created them. If you are interested in learning more about the world and its people, what better way than exploring the music created within various cultures? Come join us as we journey through the world of sound, traveling the world exploring the geography, history, and cultural contexts that shape its people.

Course Materials

To be purchased at the College Bookstore: OnMusic of the World Third Edition

Course Materials


Getting Started

Registering Access Code:

  • Acquire RedShelf's OnMusic of the World Third Edition 16-digit Access Code from the NRCC Bookstore. Used copies will not work.
  • Redeem your 16-digit code on the RedShelf website to obtain the 14-digit Connect for Education access code needed to register for this course.
  • Go to RedShelf at https://redshelf.com to create an account. Once you have your account, enter your 16-digit code. You will receive a 14-digit access code to register for the course in Canvas.
  • Go to the course in Canvas, click on Modules, and then click the Connect 4 Education link. Then just register your course access code.
  • From this point forward, you will access the entire course using that Connect 4 Education link. That is all there is to it!


  • Acquaint yourself with the Course Information section under Modules before starting the class.
  • Follow the course schedule to stay on target with deadlines.
  • Check regularly course announcements in CANVAS and your CANVAS inbox to access all communications from your instructor.
  • Contact your instructor with any questions or concerns. Professor Billaud quickly responds and eagerly looks forward to helping you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: What is the purpose of this course?
    A: Broaden the awareness of world cultures through an examination of music produced within the cultural contexts of social groups throughout the world.
  • Q: Is this course transferable?
    A: This course meets the general education requirement at many universities. Music courses and the transferability chart (TVA Transfer Table) are available in the Transfer Virginia folder. Please check the university you plan to transfer to in order to ensure its transferability.
  • Q: Why take these courses at New River?
    A: New River Community College has been a leader in online learning courses. This instructor is passionate and knowledgeable about music and desired to instill that same passion and knowledge to her students through the interactive forum of online education.
  • Q: Who is this class designed for?
    A: This class is designed for the student who feels comfortable working online and who needs the convenience of taking a course outside of the normal lecture time due to work related, family or physical restraints.
  • Q: Is this course entirely online? Can I be somewhere else and still take this course?
    A: Yes, it is entirely online and can “attended” from anywhere!

Music Department Contact Information

General questions and requests about the Music department should be directed to Louise A. Billaud 1-866-462-6722, extension 4351, or (540) 674-3600, extension 4351.
You may also email lbillaud@nr.edu.

Music Department Faculty

Call (540) 674-3600 or toll-free 1-866-462-6722, then you will be prompted to add the extension number to reach any employee.

Louise Billaud


Professor of Music

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