Administrative Support Technology


Associate of Applied Science Degree


Four-Semester (Two-Year) Program


With the emergence of the electronic office and the demand for administrative support services such as word processors and microcomputer operators, correspondence secretaries and administrative secretaries, the career opportunities for well-trained individuals in office operations are increasing. The Administrative Support Technology curriculum offers not only basic skills training, but also advanced training complementary to the information systems demands of the electronic office. This program includes training in management, word processing, microcomputer usage and human relations.

The career studies certificate in Administrative Assistant is designed to provide updated skills to individuals who are employed in positions such as Administrative Assistant, Correspondence Secretary, Executive Secretary, General Secretary, Legal Assistant, Medical Assistant, Word Processing Specialist, and other office related occupations.

Occupational Objectives

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into the Associate in Applied Science degree program in Administrative Support Technology requires English prerequisites as described in the college catalog. Additionally, students should have command of the fundamental processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

Program Requirements

The two-year Administrative Support Technology program combines instruction in the many subject areas required for competence as a multifunction secretary in business, government, industry, law offices, medical offices, and other organizations. Approximately one-half of the curriculum will include courses in Administrative Support Technology with the remaining courses in related subjects, general education, and elective credits. Students are advised to consult with their faculty advisor to plan their program and to select electives. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester curriculum, students will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree in Administrative Support Technology.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college after completing A.A.S. degree requirements should inform their academic advisors at the beginning of studies to determine the appropriate courses to meet transfer requirements.


Catalog Course Title Credits
AST 101 Keyboarding I 3
AST 107 Editing/Proofreading Skills 3
AST 137 Records Management 3
ENG111 College Composition I 3
MTH 141 Business Mathematics I 3
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1


Catalog Course Title Credits
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I 4
AST 102 Keyboarding II 3
AST 141 Word Processing I (Word) 3
ENG 116 Writing for Business 3
___ ___ Social Science Elective1 3


Catalog Course Title Credits
AST 142 Word Processing II (Word) 3
AST 232 Microcomputer Office Applications 3
AST 243 Office Administration I 3
CST 137 Oral Interpretation (or CST 100 & Humanities/Fine Arts2) 3
___ ___ AST/BUS/HIM Elective 3
___ ___ Social Science Elective1 3


Catalog Course Title Credits
AST 236 Specialized Software Applications 3
AST 244 Office Administration II 3
___ ___ AST 297/290 or AST/BUS/HIM Elective 3
AST 253 Advanced Desktop Publishing I 3
BUS 200 Principles of Management 3
___ ___ Health or Physical Education 1
  Total Minimum Credits 66
1Students may choose from college approved Social Science electives.
2Students may choose from college approved Humanities/Fine Arts electives.