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Adult Education


GED Preparation (in-person and online)

Day and evening classes are available. Multi-level classes with individualized learning plans help students increase their educational skill levels and prepare for the GED tests. NRCC is a certified GED testing site for individuals 16 and older.

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IEL-Civics)

IEL-Civics courses are designed specifically for non-native English speakers. These courses help students master English in reading, writing, listening and speaking in the context of civics instruction. Beginning and intermediate level courses are available and are designed to prepare students for integration into local employment.

English Language Learner Instruction (ELL), Bridge I & II

Our program for English Language Learners is for high functioning non-native English speaking adults. These English language classes help students achieve competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing English and assist students in preparing for GED® testing or transition into the local workforce or into higher education.

Virginia’s Career Readiness Certificate

This industry-recognized certificate endorses core employability skills required across many local occupations. It confirms to employers a potential employee’s competence in workplace skills such as reading, applied math and locating information.

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