NRCC Information Technology

Students Earn Professional Certifications

The following students have earned certifications during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Site Development Associate - Fall 2017
- Vlad Barrera Medina
- Chris Bielema
- Matthew "Jamous" Bitrick
- Cody Cadwell
- Erin Clingenpeel
- Lance Marshall
- John "Trey" Tate
- Joel Walker

Database Design Specialist - Fall 2017
- Mark Apitz
- Bram Lewis
- Andew Nagle

Adobe Associate
Animate CC - Fall 2017
- Andrey Nagle
- Carlotta Eaton

Photoshop CC -
Spring 2017
- Michael Davis
- Jason Dulin
- Aaron Helms
- Quade Henley
- Andrew Nagle
- Sarah Robinson
- Lauren Woodcock


Microsoft MTA

HTML App Dev Fundamentals Spring 2017

- Sarah Robinson
- Lauren Woodcock

Networking Fundamentals
Fall 2016

- Shrabanti Basu
- Michael Benson
- Samuel Jacobsen
- Matthew Gibson
- Joshua Parker
- Julia Slomin
- Matthew Ward
- Zachary Wimmer

Win Server Administration
Fall 2016

- Shrabanti Basu
- Michael Benson
- Michael Edwards
- John Felix Gaviola
- Matthew Gibson
- Julia Slomin

Security Fundamentals


A+ Certification (2 Exams Fully Certified)
- Ankan Basu
- Nathan Hoelzle
- Jeff Merola 
- Jeremy Mumford

A+ Certification 220-901 Hardware (Fall 2016)
- Chris Bielema
- Jeremy Mumford
- Ben Roy
- William Smith
- Matthew Ward
- Zach Wimmer




NRCC Awards

The following CSC and IT students were recognized at the NRCC Awards ceremony on 4/25/17. Congrats to all!

Outstanding Students

  • Shrabanti Basu - Information Technology AAS
  • Chris Price - IT Cyber Security AAS
  • Emily Briggs - IT Game Design AAS
  • Rebecca Beaver - IT Mobile App Development AAS
  • Ankan Basu - IT Network and Technical Support AAS
  • James Hopkins - Engineering Computer Science AA&S
  • James Kolts - General Studies Computer Science AA&S

Who's Who Amoung Students in American Junior Colleges
(3.5 GPA)
- Rebecca Beaver
- Travis Cox
- Justin Dalton
- Robert Latham
- Jeffrey Merola
- William Smith
- Lauren Woodcock

Advanced Learners Program Graduates
- Ankan Basu
- Shrabanti Basu
- Eerin Carroll
- Amelia Epling
- Joseph Jacobs
- Scott McGulgan
- Chris Price
- James Kolts
- Ethan Rumble
- D. Kendall Sisson
- William Smith

Phi Theta Kappa Graduates
(3.2 GPA)
- Theodros Asmelash
- Ankan Basu
- Shrabanti Basu
- Robert Latham
- Eric Pannell
- Chris Price
- William Smith
- Etsegenet Zewdie

In the News

Space Grant STEM $5000 Scholarship

Eric Pannell
Eric Pannell was one of the 15 college students to earn a STEM Takes Flight Scholarship. He attended the Virginia Space Grant Conference at NASA Research on 4-17-2015.

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Grammar DragonGrammar Dragon Wizards Luna & Leo rescue your friends from the castle captured by the dragon as you identify parts of speech. Available 10/24/10.

Opposite OceanOpposite Ocean - Antonyms Wizards Luna & Leo go into the ocean, and you earn pearls and coins from the clam for identifying antonyms. Available 08/06/10.

Same Meaning MagicSame Meaning Magic Synonyms Wizards Luna & Leo go into the garden, and you earn coins & jewels from the wishing well to identify synonyms. Available 07/18/10. Read more.

Same Sound Spell Bound Same Sound Spell Bound - Homonyms Wizards Luna & Leo practice spells in the castle. Animal statues come to life or turn to dust as you use homonyms correctly. Available 06/10/10. Read more.

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Aesop's QuestAesop's Quest
Read the Aesop stories and play reading games. Available 06/22/11. Read more.

Portion PlatterPortion Platter
Divide cookies, candy and milk glass into percentages & fractions. Available 02/28/11.

Factor RaceFactor Race Algebra
Move your car around the race track as you factor equations. Available 01/14/11.

Spelling CatSpelling Cat
Put your spelling word list in every week. Play missing letter, scramble or speak easy games. Available 10/20/10.



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