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Client Responsibilities

General Policies:

  • The use of the Academic Success Center is a privilege that may be revoked if students use abusive language, physically threatening gestures, or intimidating behaviors. Please treat tutors as you would wish to be treated.
  • Records are kept for administrative uses only. The Academic Success Center does not report to faculty members, nor do we serve an evaluative function with the college. Students may see their records if they wish by asking the Director. Tutors may not share client information with anyone other than the client.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Know your assignments when you come to tutoring. Your tutor cannot explain what your professor "meant." It is up to you to ask questions of your professor to make certain you understand the material.
  • Do your homework before the tutoring session, so your tutor can help you with difficult areas. You will not have time in the session to do your homework from start to finish.
  • Bring your textbooks, graded work, class handouts and other materials with you to your tutoring sessions.
  • Make notes about tutoring questions you may have.
  • Let your tutor know if the session moves too quickly, or too slowly, for you. Ask questions if you need more background information. Don't hesitate to ask the tutor to repeat a particular concept, or to phrase it differently.

Absence Procedures:

  • Repeatedly missed appointments will result in the assignment of your appointment to someone else. To keep your regularly scheduled time, always call the Academic Success Center at 540-674-3664 as soon as you realize you will not be able to attend a scheduled appointment.
  • If you are out of the calling area, use 1-886-462-6722 (toll free) then enter extension 3664.


  • When you drop a class, please notify your tutor so that your tutoring time can be reassigned. If you are readmitted to the class, you can reinstate tutoring, although you may have to choose a different time for your appointment. You can also continue in tutoring even though you have withdrawn from the class if you want to improve your skill level.



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