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Over 500 students named to Spring 2013 President's and Dean's Lists at NRCC

May 30 2013

This is an archived article!

This article was published on May 30 2013 and was archived on May 31 2014. The information below may be outdated or inaccurate.

Over 500 students have been placed on the President's and Dean's Lists in recognition of their academic excellence during the spring 2013 semester at New River Community College.To be placed on the President's List, a student must have taken 12 college-level semester hours or more, attained a grade point average of 3.5 for any one semester, and earned a minimum of 20 semester hours at New River Community College.

A Dean's List student is one who has taken 12 college-level semester hours of credit or more and attained a grade point average of 3.2 for any one semester.

Those named to the President's List are:

From Alleghany County: Benjamin Vess.

From Bath County: Neal Chestnut.

From Bland County: Eisle Havens.

From Carroll County: Dustin Bowman, Jenna Chrisley, Jonathan Gatewood, Kris Hurst, Ashlee Logan, Jennifer Pyles and Deanna Smith.

From Craig County: Seth Clemens and Hunter Mathias.

From Fairfax County: Nanxi Chen and Patrick Murphy.

From Floyd County: James Bohnke, Kristina Bousserghine, Elishia Brennan, George Cooper, Samantha Cox, Kendra Edgell, Dakota Galla, Benjamin Goad, Anita Hall, Shawna Harris, Zachary Hudson, Sherry Lozano, Mary Nissley, Austin Poff and Stuart Wood.

From Franklin County: Linda Howard.

From Galax: Katherine Hanks.

From Giles County: Brad Bryson, Josalyn Buchanan, Chasity Burgess, Elizabeth Crumpler, Abigail Davis, Kearsley Dillon, Shana Eads, Jason Ervin, Ashley Flory, Sherri Gallagher, Horace Godfrey, Emily Harrell, Savannah Honaker, Helen Hunsucker, Courtney Johnson, Rene' Jones, Mary Kantsios, Hamilton Keith, Cody Ludwig, Briana Massaro, Reuben Miller, Benjamin Morrison, Joyce Ondell, Alexandria Pennington, Kevin Perkins, Aaron Stubbs, Jacob Stubbs, Catlin Suttle, Ginger Travis, Jordan Walkup, Dennis Whitlow, Aidan Williams and Taylor Williams.

From Grayson County: Tara Combs and Jennifer Laws.

From Hanover County: Kristina Hepper.

From Henry County: Sonya McCoy.

From Loudoun County: Jennifer Bohon, David Hastman and Logan Nelson.

From Montgomery County: Anjeza Abazi, Heath Abbott, Iman Adam, James Adams, Daniel Akers, Chad Arnold, Mildred Aryee, Samuel Bebout, James Berry, Michael Bishop, Amanda Biter, Taylor Bolte, Oksana Bouldo, Michael Brightwell, Andrew Broomell, Anthony Bryant, Megan Burns, Cheyenne Caldwell, Jeremy Clauden, Bryant Cochran, Mary Cook, Sandra Crawford, Cymberly Cressell, Adam Crowder, Qiao Cui, Andrew Cunningham, Charlie Dehart, Yu Deng, Yasin Abdoul Diallo, James Donnelly, Christopher Drzal, Runsheng Du, Cody Earles, Shay Eyles, Sydney Fain, Kimberly Farrenkopf, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Daniel Frederick, Emily Frentress, Sophia Frimpong, Longxi Fu, Wandong Fu, Thomas Gean, Casey Graybill, Emily Gresh, Victoria Griffith, Christine Grimes, Alexander Grizzard, Ramee Hamad, Debora Higgs, Courtney Hinkley, Joshua Hocker, Amanda Hood, Ezekial Jeansonne-Moore, Eunah Jee, Niall Jennings, Sungin Jo, Benjamin Johnson, Stephen Keffer, Clara Keller, Dongbeom Kim, Betty Kleimann, Jordan Kuhn, Lindsi Lawrence, Justin Lawson, Taylor Leitch, Bridget Lester, Ellen Lester, Xing Liu, Harlan Lustgarten, Yuan Ma, Joseph Mack, Anna Makarova, Stephanie Marshall, Joel McCormick-Goodhart, Samantha McNeil, Yvon Migan-Gandonou, Michael Minnick, Dipika Mishra, Amanda Muise, Cecile Newcomb, Shannon O'Lowry, Christopher Parker, Kimberly Piland, Benjamin Poling, Troy Price, Hollie Pugh, Adam Quesenberry, Mary Reed, Charles Ritchie, Lennon Ross, David Roth, Joseph Roy-Stewart, Carolyn Sanders, Prakash Sapkota, Jessica Scott, Matthew Seiler, Aiyani Shaw, William Shorter, Marvin Silcott, Jacy Simmons, Joseph Slattery, Kyle Smallegan, Paul Smith, Amanda Smith, Andrew Smith, Chelsea Smith, Kimberly Smith, Lecia Smith, Maurica Smith, Ashley Snider, Victoria Sowers, Robert Sprague, Dakota Stanford, Amber Stevers, Angela Sult, Belinda Thurman, Brady Tickle, Amanda Trenar, Eliana Trojbicz, Christopher Tyree, Yushi Wang, Josam Waterman, Lisa Wilkins, Edward Wil

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