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NRCC Fall 2012 President's and Dean's Lists announced

Jan 09 2013

This is an archived article!

This article was published on Jan 09 2013 and was archived on Jan 10 2014. The information below may be outdated or inaccurate.

Fall semester students honored for their academic excellence have been announced by New River Community College.

To be placed on the President's List, a student must have taken 12 college-level semester hours or more, attained a grade point average of 3.5 for any one semester, and earned a minimum of 20 semester hours at New River Community College.

A Dean's List student is one who has taken 12 college-level semester hours of credit or more and attained a grade point average of 3.2 for any one semester.

Those named to the President's List were:

From Bland County: Meridith Ayers.

From Carroll County: Dustin Bowman, Staci Carpenter and Ashlee Logan. From Chesterfield: Matthew Osterbind. From Fairfax County: Luis Maria. From Floyd County: Chris Bentley, George Cooper, Samantha Cox, April Davis, Benjamin Goad, Marcella Goad, Chelseah Hylton, Mary Nissley, Amy Radford and Teresa Scarberry.

From Giles County: Savanah Bane, Brad Bryson, Shana Eads, Nicole Fuhrman, Sherri Gallagher, Jacob Gilmer, Horace Godfrey, Courtney Johnson, Hamilton Keith, Cody Ludwig, Sherry Manning, Benjamin Morrison, Joyce Ondell, Anita Ratcliffe, Patricia Sheppard, Lisa Simon, Aaron Stubbs, Karisha Summers, Catlin Suttle, Taylor Suydam and Kelsy Sylvester.

From Grayson County: Tara Combs and Leslie Phipps.

From Hanover County: Kristina Hepper From Henry County: Sonya McCoy

From Loudoun County: Jennifer Bohon, Eugenia Cimino, Adam Dzik and Grant Tadiello.

From Manassas: Anthony DiDuro.

From Manassas Park: Natnael Nadew.

From Mecklenburg County: Thomas Beckett.

From Montgomery County: James Adams, Daniel Akers, Debra Akers, Shannon Akers, James Beamer, Samuel Bebout, Lori Belcher, Stephanie Betzel, Michael Bishop, Taylor Bolte, Oksana Bouldo, Michael Brightwell, Andrew Broomell, James Burks, Bethany Clemmons, Cymberly Cressell, Corbin Crocker, Adam Crowder, Qiao Cui, Andrew Cunningham, Brianna Dean, Eliza Demere, Abdoul Diallo, Christopher Drzal, Runsheng Du, Candice Edwards, James Eggers, David English, Irina Evdokimova, Shay Eyles, Kimberly Farrenkopf, Michael Flaherty, Sophia Frimpong, Thomas Gean, Sarah Graham, Casey Graybill, Victoria Griffith, Christian Hall, Lessa Harrington, Kyle Harris, Courtney Hinkley, Joshua Hocker, Eun Kee Hong, Amanda Hood, Edmund Hughes, Ezekial Jeansonne-Moore, Heather Jennelle, Tejitu Kebede, Dongbeom Kim, Christina Lanza, Anne Larsen, Justin Lawson, Ellen Lester, Sihang Li, Yuan Ma, Rosanne Marr, Cherry Messer, Shannon O'Lowry, Crysten Ott-Hanewacker, Christopher Parker, Hannah Price, Adam Quesenberry, Jordan Register, Charles Ritchie, Jeffrey Robertson, Annie Rudasill, Michael Rutherford, Matthew Scanland, Matthew Seiler, Marvin Silcott, Joseph Slattery, Amanda Smith, Chelsea Smith, Kimberly Smith, Maurica Smith, Michael Spencer, Korina Stewart, Eleanor Thompson, Eliana Trojbicz, Josam Waterman, Carroll Wontrop, Zheng Xiang, Guohua Xu, Christopher York, Yaneng Zhou and Lauren Zikes.

From Page County: Abram Turner.

From Patrick County: Bradley Goins.

From Prince William County: Jennifer Bostic.

From Pulaski County: Christa Adkins, Timothy America, Teresa Bishop, Michelle Boothe, Shane Brandes, Kari Chrisley, Mark Chrisley, Andrew Clark, Reba Compton, Shannon Cressell, Brittany Davis, Bailey Dunford, Hermon Hailegiorgis, Mark Hanks, Teresa Hinkley, Kimberlie Honaker, Tina Hosey, Hollee Howard, Elaine' Huff, Andrew Hunt, Brittany Hurd, Nicholas Hurst, Red Lee, Caley McCoy, Ashenafi Mengistu, Vincent Miller, Serena Ming, Heather Mitchell, Kaitlyn Morris, Justin Nipper, Britney Okes, Jacqueline Orito-Milburn, Leann Phillips, Alexandra Price, Shannon Riley, Kelly Russell, Isaac Sackaney, Leslie Sexton, Desiree Shay, Amber Slusser, Jerry Smith, Desirea Taylor, Allen Tibbitts and Anthony Turpin.

From Radford: Aster Birri, Joshua Blackburn, Tesfa Bogale, Cameron Clark, Michael Cluver, Matt Donovan, Caitlin Hanvey, Emily Hill, Dorothy Kincaid, Adelina Krayer

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