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More than 580 students named to spring 2017 President's and Dean's Lists at NRCC

Jun 19 2017

More than 580 students have been placed on the President's and Dean's Lists in recognition of their academic excellence during the spring 2017 semester at New River Community College.

To be placed on the President's List, a student must have taken 12 college-level semester hours or more, attained a grade point average of 3.5 for any one semester, and earned a minimum of 20 semester hours at New River Community College.

A Dean's List student is one who has taken 12 college-level semester hours of credit or more and attained a grade point average of 3.2 for any one semester.

Those named to the President's List are:

From Accomack County: Junxiu Wang.

From Alleghany County: Dustin Gibson, Ethan Herwald, Steven Wilkes and Jonathon Wolfe.

From Botetourt County: Michael Gallo and Zicong Lin.

From Bristol, Tenn.: Haley Oakley.

From Carroll County: David Berck, Laura Coleman-Bunyan, Glen Richardson, Jacob Sawyers, Courtney Stone, Sarah Turner and Karaline Wheatley.

From China: Haiwen Cai, Fan Zhang and Zegang Ke.

From Covington: Hana Tedela.

From Craig County: Morgan Fisher.

From Dinwiddie County: Kevin Spain.

From Fairfax County: Erimias Birie and Mark Llorens.

From Falls Church: Mickeyas Tiruneh.

From Floyd County: Elisabeth Baker-Adamo, Royce Bedbury, Victoria Bergman, Joshua Burnette, Grace Cox, Hannah Cox, Bethany Goff, Brady Harman, Abigail Harris, Brianna Huff, David Jungmann, Bethany Martin, Abigail Memitt, Daniel Memitt, Grace Mills, Sterling Parmer, Laken Quesenberry, Jordon Ronan, Aimee Royal, Taylor Thompson, Matthew Vest and Samantha Yopp.

From Fredericksburg: Callie Mitchell and Lauren Reiff.

From Galax: William Brannock, Caitlin Jennings, Eleanor Ozer and Benjamin Whittle.

From Giles County: Andrea Adams, Nicholas Agud, Andrew Bales, Sara Carbaugh, Andrea Carter, Armando Ceritano, Cody Collins, Macarah Collins, Jenson Doffin, Alea Evans, Holly Fontaine, Sonya Gautier, Shared Gentry, Logan Giles, William Good, Keeley Hagreen, Patrick Hahnlen, James Harris, Holly Hetherington, Kaylee Keith, Molly Keith, Michael Knight, Ethan Lawson, Ethan Lowe, Mallory Lucas, Cora McGuire, Michael McKinney, Case Melton, Ammon Miller, William Millirons, Zachary Moye, Nathan Mullins, Joseph Nielson, Rachel Nielson, Jacob Osborne, Amanda Palmer, Isaac Payne, Cassidy Perdue, Leah Perdue, Allison Perkins, Emily Price, Gavin Pruett, Lukas Reed, Tiffany Robertson, Austin Shanks, Phillip Stoltzfus, Patrick Thomas, Austin Turner, Jordan Wall and Morgan Welch.

From Greene County: Christopher Schorr.

From Hampton: Erin Thomas.

From Hanover County: Jonathan Irving.

From Henry County: Caleb Kendrick.

From Kansas City, Kan.: Mark Taylor.

From King William County: David Amorim.

From Loudoun County: Sara Dudek and William Poindexter.

From Montgomery County: Cameron Albert, Tiffany Albert, Jessie Allen, Tayten Allison, Zachary Amtower, Julian Arnett, Katelee Averett, Joao Azevedo, Ankan Basu, Michael Benson, Clarissa Bielema, Matthew Blondino, Cheyenne Boothe, John Brady, Jonathan Brock, Carly Brown, Brandon Buchner, Chelsea Buhler, Justin Burch, Joshua Cable, Robert Caldwell, Yusheng Cao, Joseph Carman, Kyle Carver, Justin Cerv, Zixuan Chen, Haoyu Chi, Lucas Colpitts, Devin Craven, Austin Crockett, Zachary Crouse, Brenna Crowgey, Jack Daley, Crystal Day, Carl Derfler, Qiye Dong, Weiye Dong, Dana Draughn, Jason Dulin, Caleb Dunlea, Christian Earles, Clint Eaton, Madelena Eifert, Anna Ervin, Alaina Evans, Jiahui Fan, Yiyang Fan, Wuying Fang, Nathan Folta, Noah Fox, Ashley Frazier, Korin Freeman, Brandi Fry, John Felix Gaviola, Aaron Greenough, JunJie Guan, Shewamar Habtewold, Carmyn Haddix, Joshua Hagy, Joy Hanneman, Jane Harless, Christopher Helms, Ashley Hendrickson, Cody Holk, Emily Hoover, Tiffany Johnson, Christel Kemp, Meheret Kidane, Ashton King, Destiny Kingrea, Eugene Kochergin, Jia Liu, Casey Latoski, Cody Lester, Jingbiao Li, Zhixuan Li, Marc Linkous, Chunjia Lou, Amand

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