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Welcome to the Gender – Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club

GSA logo

The purpose of the GSA is to provide support and fellowship to the LGBTQIA+ and allies in the student body, staff, and faculty.


Megan Doney, ext. 4257, Office – Godbey 26, Tammy Parks, ext. 4468, Office – Godbey 96


President: Sarah Showalter, Vice President: Kaitlyn Collis, Secretary: Amara Freeman.


Faculty and staff who have participated in Safe Space Training have a sticker in a conspicuous location in their rooms/offices/work spaces/etc.



gsa logo

Article I


The name of the organization shall be the Gender-Sexuality Alliance of New River Community College. Known as the GSA

Article II

Purpose and Goals

This club provides a sense of community and creates a space for the LGBTQIA+ community that respects their identities and voices. It will provide a jumping off point for heightened awareness and visibility of LGBTQIA+ issues at NRCC.

The goals of the GSA are:

  1. To make the NRCC community aware of LGBTQIA+ issues and how they impact the college environment.
  2. To provide support, resources and confidentiality to individuals in need.
  3. To educate students, faculty/staff, and community members to create a safer and affirming learning environment.
  4. To organize activities so that group members can discuss physical and emotional safety issues and healthy relationships.

Article III


  1. To become a member of the GSA an individual must be a student enrolled at NRCC.
  2. Members are encouraged to attend meetings each month if possible.
  3. All club members must respect the rules of the club and also respect the other members of the club. This includes other members right to privacy, as the case may be.
  4. Membership is automatically terminated upon graduation, upon ceasing to be a student of the college or upon termination of the club.

Article IV


  1. The GSA will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 11am.
  2. The GSA officers will meet as necessary to discuss the functions and/or concerns of the club.

Article V


  1. The officers of the club shall be: president, vice-president and secretary.
  2. The election of officers will be held at the beginning of the academic year, at the second meeting. There must be a majority present in order to hold elections. The term of office will be one year, unless a shorter term is necessary due to extenuating circumstances. The advisor(s) will determine whether an emergency election is required to elect a new officer if the current position becomes open.

Article VI

Activities and Projects

  1. The club shall be responsible for financing and conducting its own activities given the budget allotted by the Student Activities Committee.
  2. The club may work jointly with another club to share the financing, conducting and responsibility of joint projects.

Article VII

Acceptance of Constitution and Bylaws

All members of this club by their acceptance of membership and continuation there of, thereby accept the principals of the GSA as expressed in its purpose and goals and submit themselves to and agree to comply and be bound by constitution and bylaws of this club. No members shall be absolved from the observance of the constitution and bylaws on the plea that they have not received a copy of them.

Article VIII


The GSA shall exist so long as it continues to function in accordance with the provisions of this constitution or until it is terminated by this club upon its own determination and action. Upon termination of this club all rights and privileges relating to the GSA name shall be relinquished by the club and by its members individually and collectively.


Article I


  1. Election for the offices of President, Vice-President and Secretary shall be held annually during the second club meeting. Those elected shall take office immediately.
  2. Nominations of officers shall be made either in writing or from the floor. Candidates shall be voted on at the regular meeting. Voting shall be by secret ballot or another secret method. Candidates receiving the majority of votes of the members present in good standing shall be elected.

Article II

Duties of Officers

  1. President—The president shall preside at the regular and officers’ meetings. The president shall appoint any necessary committees and be responsible for the well-being of the GSA and its members.
  2. Vice-President—The vice-president will preside over any meetings which the president is not able to attend. The vice-president will succeed the president in the event of the removal of the latter for whatever cause.
  3. Secretary—The secretary will keep a record of each meeting with the help of the advisor(s).

Article III


  1. Meetings shall be held the second Tuesday of each month, or as the officers see due.
  2. A quorum is constituted by a majority of members in good standing. A quorum is necessary at all elections. Under certain circumstances, the quorum could be virtual under the witness of the advisor(s).

Article IV


  1. These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members in good standing at any regular meeting of the club at which a quorum is present, provided notice of intention to call such a vote is given at least 14 days earlier at a prior meeting of the club.
  2. Nothing in these bylaws shall contradict any provision in the club’s constitution.

GSA Club Contact Information

General questions and requests about the GSA Club should be directed to Tammy Parks (540) 674-3600 extension 4468.
You may also email tparks@nr.edu@nr.edu.



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