Fitness room

Fitness Center


Monday-Friday     8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Using the Fitness Center

  1. Fitness center The Fitness room will be open to faculty /staff (& spouses) and students who are at least 18 years old. Children are not allowed to use the fitness facility.

  2. All participants are required to:
    • Complete the required paperwork which includes an Intramural Assumption of the Risk Form, and a Clearance for Exercise Participation form
    • Guidelines for Weight Training sheet and Exercise Record Form.
    • Dress appropriately for exercise, to include sneakers or similar closed-toe shoes for working out, especially on the treadmills.
    • Clean the machines that were used before leaving the facility.
    • Report any problems with the machines or the facility to the fitness center staff or to Rod Reedy, the Student Activities Counselor, at (540) 674-3600 ext.4358.
    • Report any emergencies to the fitness center staff, the security office in Godbey hall, (674-3646), or to Rod Reedy.
    • Sign in at the fitness center desk whenever using the facility.
  3. Faculty & staff may use the fitness center during its off hours. If the room is not open, a key may be obtained by a member of the President’s staff. Please be sure to lock the door when leaving, and return the key.
  4. Students may only use the facility if a work study is present, or if allowed access by an NRCC employee. Only fitness center student work studies may open the facility by borrowing a key from its usual location, and that key must always be returned after opening the door and setting the door to re-lock.
  5. Food and drink is not permitted in the fitness room, however, water bottles are allowed. Student work studies who work more than two hours there may eat in the fitness center if working, but they must clean up the place where they ate afterward.
  6. The phone is for on-campus use only, in case of emergency. Should there be any incidents in the Fitness Center, dial 3646 (Security) or 0 for an operator. You may also try Rod Reedy at 4358.

Please give any suggestions you have regarding the operation of the facility, or problems with the equipment to Rod Reedy, or to any member of the President’s staff.