ITP 290 and ITP 297

ITP 290 Coordinated Internship or ITP 297 Cooperative Education

Summer 2012 -- Mrs. Eaton


Forms and Paperwork

Word doc [Updated 5-22-12 for Summer] Forms needed for your internship/co-op this semester includes the following:

Page 1: Title Page with Signatures
Pages 2-3: Job description and Objectives with Signatures
Page 4: Rules
Pages 5-6: How to create objectives
Pages 7-8: Timesheet
Page 9: Evaluation by Supervisor (end of semester)


Instructional Materials

  • Ace the IT Resume, 2nd edition, 2007 McGraw Hill, ISBN 978-0-07-149274-4
  • Web Site:
  • Supplies: USB Thumb/Flash drive
  • Software: Word or WordPress needed for documents to Mrs. Eaton
  • Other Software: Will vary depending on the requirements for business or organization for your internship or co-op

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