Instructions - Spring 2013

List updated: April 15, 2013

This roster will be updated after the drop/add period.

Instructions: Divide into 6 teams of 2-3. Need 4 teams of 3 and 2 teams of 2.
Need one leader and one blue per team.

Name Team Lead Major Notes
Cisneros, Mike 1 IT Game g
Clemens, Seth 3 Lead IT Game r
Corkey, Joey 6 Lead IT Game r
Drzal, Chris 4 Lead IT r
Gardner, Andrew 3 IT Game g
Hale, Ryan 5 HS g
Henley, Jacob 4 IT Network g
McIntyre, Jonathan 5 Lead IT Network r
Mengistu, Ash 2 Lead IT r
Mercier, Jonathan 6 Gen Studies g
Nipper, Justin 1 Lead IT Network r
Thacker, Rick 6 Gen Studies b
Webster, "Nicole" 1 Gen Studies b

Inactive Students

Name Team Lead Major Notes
Godley, Will 2 IT b
MacInnis, Neil 3 IT Web b
Smith, Justin 4 IT Network b