ITD 110 Web Page Design I


Instructions - Spring 2019

Monday 1/21/19 - Welcome to Class

  • Welcome to the ITD 110 Web Page Design I class. This course is designed for students in the IT degree programs.
  • Visit the NRCC Information Technology page for more details on IT degree programs.
  • View the Course Plan in Blackboard to see the items you need to purchase from the bookstore.

All Students

  • You will use the Code Avengers web site to complete most of your assignments, projects, and quizzes this semester.
  • Blackboard will be used to post your grades and to submit a few assignments.
  • You will post files to a web server for many of your assignments too.

DE Students

  • DE students should check Blackboard for announcements.

Classroom Students

  • Announcements are made during class time for classroom students.


  • This class is NOT about Facebook, LinkedIn or other social online tools. This is not a "get an easy A class". This class is about creating web pages from scratch for students that are interested in the web design as a professional.
  • Pay special attention to the pre-req section of the syllabus/course plan. If you do not have the pre-reqs it is just about impossible to pass this class especially in a Distance Education section. You should take ITE 115, CSC 110 or BUS 226 instead and then take this class next semester.

Instructor's Contact Information

  • Email questions to me at
  • Important: Use Subject: ITD 110 Question - Your Name to help me respond to your emails faster.
  • Office hours are available at
  • My office phone is (540) 674-3600 x4250
  • I don't answer email nor look at Blackboard over the weekend.
  • I do answer emails and grade assignments during week days during office hours.

Last Update: January 14, 2019

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