Same Sound Spell Bound Game

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6.10.10 Press Release

A team of NRCC information technology students released a new iPhone game on the Apple iPhone/iPad App store on June 10.

The game can be downloaded for free to an iPhone or iPod Touch by going to: . The work for this game was funded by an EETT grant (Enhancing Education Through Technology) from the Virginia Department of Education. NRCC has worked in collaboration with Dr. Matt Dunleavy from the education department at Radford University since 2007. The current iLearn project is creating educational games based on Virginia Standards of Learning.

Same Sound Spell Bound” is an adventure designed to help the player understand homophones. To begin the adventure, users choose to play as either Luna or Leo, young magicians who are beginning to master the magic of words.

“The game is designed for third and fourth graders, but you would be surprised at how many adults have trouble with homophones. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning and may have a different spelling,” says Carlotta Eaton, professor of information technology at NRCC and head of game technology programs.

Working on this project were NRCC iLearn team members:
Cody Beasley, character artist;
Jason Clemons, production specialist, game designer and game programmer;
Adrian Lowry, game programmer;
Justin Price, game programmer and
Heather Walters, game artist. Other members of the NRCC team are Tim Moore, Ginger Cromer and Mike Kaylor.

In this lesson, Luna and Leo identify the homophone that best completes a puzzle sentence. If the player selects the right word, then an animal statue is brought to life. If the player selects the wrong word, then the animal statue crumbles to dust. Users achieve levels from Jester to Wizard or Sorceress depending on their scores.

Several NRCC Information Technology alumni who have created other iPhone games since last summer on the RU iLearn team are Daniel Burgess, Dave Payne, James St. Clair, A.J. Tucker and Matt Special.


SSSB Game Play Screen
Drag the answer to the spell book

SSSB Game Start
Choose the right answer and the statue comes to life.
Choose wrong and it turns to dust.

SSSB Cast Spell Screen
Leo casts the spell on the owl statue.

SSSB Instruction Screen Instruction Screen

SSSB Game Over Screen
Game Over.
You have achieved the postion of Sorceress!