ITE 105

Web Site & Blackboard

All assignments and course information will be posted on this web site NOT onBlackboard.

The Blackboard site will be used for you to post to discussion groups for a few assignments.

Welcome to Class

This is the place to start for this class.

  • Read the syllabus and buy your textbooks.
  • You must purchase a NEW copy of the StrengthsQuest book and the Professionalism book.
  • Attend class and start Assignment #1.


Instructor's Contact Information


ITE 105-M1
9:05 - 11:05am Mondays

Mrs. Carlotta Eaton
Office: Mall 110
Phone: (540) 674-3600 x4250



ITE 105-M6
5:40 - 7:40pm Thursdays

Mr. Timothy Moore
Office: Mall 125
Phone: Ask Instructor


ITE 105-M1 Spring 2017
9:05 - 11:05am Mondays

Mr. Mark Hawley
Office: Mall 125
Phone: Ask Instructor

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