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Instructions - Fall 2015

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Important Info - Due Dates

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the assigned Chapter and complete the hands-on practice exercises for each chapter before attempting the assignments.


Web Design Basics 2nd Edition
  • Read the FAQ. Late assignments are NOT accepted. You will automatically earn a 0 grade for any assignment submitted late. If you need to be out of town, then work ahead. All the assignments for this semester are already posted.
  • DE Students:
    • Assignments are due by 9am on the due date. I start grading the assignments at 9am, not midnight.
    • You will use Blackboard to submit assignments during the first half of the semester.
    • You will FTP assignments to a web server during the last half of the semester.
    • See the NRCC proctored testing information at the beginning of the semester if you cannot take the 3 exams at the Dublin or Mall locations.
Dreamweaver CS6
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All Students:

  • Email questions to Mrs. Eaton at
  • Important: Use Subject: ITD 110 Question - Your Name to help me respond to your emails faster. I do not respond to emails that do not have a subject.

These due dates listed below are for the DE section (11am) and the M1 section (9:30am).

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Week #
Assignment to Submit To Do and Corresponding Reading for Lecture

Week 1
Aug 24

continues below

Tues 9am
Aug 25

From Chapter 1.

Note: You can complete all assignments due this first week before you have your books. Get started today!

bullet1 #1B Get Started - Data Files and Software (0 pts) You need to complete this assignment before you can do #1B. This assignment includes student data files and installing Notepad++ or TextWrangler.

Install Dreamweaver AFTER
Nov 8, 2015. Otherwise 30 day trial of Dreamweaver will time out before you need it.

  • Buy your textbooks this week.
  • Read Course Info (click button in navigation bar)
  • Read FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (click button in navigation bar)

Chapter 1 Internet and Web Basics

  • Hands-on Practice 1.1 Hello World
    bullet1 01b-hello.html
    Right click to download and save in your itd110/hopractice/chapter01 folder.) Starter file for most assignments in the book.


Week 1

Started above

Thur 9am
Aug 27

bullet1 Getting to know you quiz (20 points)

bullet1 #1A Web Research (40 points)

Degree Track Sheet
IT majors use and complete your degree plan, and attach unofficial transcript. (20 points)
Important: If you are in another class with me this semester, then submit a document that states the class where you already completed the track sheet. You don't need to do the track sheet twice this week.

Note: If you are not an IT major, then check with your advisor or instructor for the location of track sheets for your degree program.

Bring your flash drive to class every day.

Instructors: Check for pre-reqs CSC 110, BUS 226 or ITE 115.


Week 2
Aug 31
Tues 9am
Sept 1

bullet1 #2A Music Page (30 points)

bullet1 #2B Home & Yurts Pages for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (50 points)

bullet1 #2C HTML Validation (25 pts. See Assignment #2B for score sheet)

Chapter 2 Web Page Structural Basics

Hall of Fame #2A Music Page

  • N/A
Week 3
Sep 7
Tues 9am
Sep 8

bullet1 #3A Web Design (55 points)

bullet1 #3B Teams (25 points)



Chapter 3 Web Design Basics



Week 4
Sep 14
Sep 15 Exam 1: Chapters 1 - 3

DE Students: Exam available from
8am Tues Sep 8 - 8pm Tues Sep 15.

bullet1 Exam 1 Study Guide

Week 5
Sep 21
Tues 9am
Sep 22

bullet1 #4A CSS Text Styling for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (45 points)

bullet1 #4B CSS Validation Service (15 points. See #4A for score sheet)

Chapter 4 Cascading Style Sheets Basics

Week 6
Sep 28
Tues 9am
Sep 29

bullet1 #5A Activities Page for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (50 points)

bullet1 #5B Favorite Movie (35 points)

Hall of Fame #5B Movie

Chapter 5 Web Graphics Styling Basics

bullet1 Irene Pond Gazebo Image
Classroom students. Right click to download and save in your itd110/hopractice/chapter05 folder.)

Week 7
Oct 5
Tues 9am
Oct 6
bullet1 #6A CSS Layout for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (60 points)

Chapter 6 More CSS Basics

Dreamweaver Basics [see Course Note foldout]


Fall Break
No classes Wed Oct 14 - Fri Oct 16, 2015

Week 8
Oct 19

Tues 9am
Oct 20

Thur 9am
Oct 22

bullet1 #12A ePortfolio Home Page (50 points) Note nothing to submit.

bullet1 #12B FTP and Dreamweaver (35 points) You will FTP your files to the web server for this and future assignments.

Install Dreamweaver AFTER
Nov 8, 2015.
Otherwise 30 day Dreamweaver trial will time out before you need it.


Chapter 12 Web Publishing Basics

Note: Web server IDs and passwords created 3pm 10/19/15.

Hall of Fame Classroom Section
Fall 2014

- Steven Heath
- Matt Pearsall
- Taylor Radley

Week 9
Oct 26

Wed 8pm
Oct 28


Exam 2: Chapters 4-6 and 12
DE Students: Exam 2 available from 8am Thursday Oct 22 until 8pm Wed Oct 28.


bullet1 Exam 2 Study Guide
Week 10
Nov 2
Tues 9am
Nov 3

bullet1 #7A Two Column Layout for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (60 points)

bullet1 #7B ePortfolio Projects Page (48 points)

bullet1 #7B Project Page Example



Chapter 7 Page Layout Basics
Week 11
Nov 9
Tues 9am
Nov 10

bullet1 #8A Mobile Design for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (65 points)

Important! Helpful Hints

It is critically important to put the correct code in the correct order in this chapter.

The following must be placed in the head section of the the .html files:

  • Viewport meta tag (pg 244)
  • HTML5 code for IE (pg 239 at top)

The following must be placed in the pacific.css files in the correct order:

  • At top place the style rules from previous chapters
  • Next add the HTML5 fix for older browsers (pg 238)
  • Next add media query section for tablets (pg 249 step 3)
  • Finally add media query section for smart phones (pg 249 step 5)

Chapter 8 More on Links, Layout and Mobile

AdobeInstall Dreamweaver AFTER
Nov 8, 2015. The free trial is only 30 days. You don't want your trial to expire before your last assignment is due. Click image to visit Software page on IT web site. Scroll down to Adobe section.


Week 12
Nov 16
Tues 9am
Nov 17

bullet1 #9A Add a Table for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (40 points)

bullet1 #9B Project Proposals (35 points)

bullet1 #9C ePortfolio About Me Page (30 points)

#9D Fall 2015 Registration Assignment (20 points) Track Sheet and UnOfficial Transcript - showing registration for Fall 2015 Classes
-Spring 2016 registration starts X/X/X
- Graduation Applications for May and August were due Nov 2015

Chapter 9 Table Basics

Hall of Fame Project Proposals


Thanksgiving Break
Mon Nov 23 - Fri Nov 27, 2015

Week 13
Nov 30

Tues 9am
Dec 1

#11A and #11B due
9am Dec 3

bullet1 Web ePortfolio Project (100 exam points) includes 2 new project pages

bullet1 #11A Add Multimedia for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (45 points)

bullet1 #11B Flash Banner (25 points) Updated with more tips 4/30/15



Chapter 11 Media and Interactivity Basics

ePorfolio Project
See good example of projects page by Seth Clements (Fall 2012)

Flash Banner
See examples by: Shannon Cressell
and Barbara Dalton

Week 14
Dec 7
Tues 9am
Dec 8

bullet1 #10A Reservations Form for Pacific Trails Resort Case Study (55 points)

bullet1 #10B Web & Mobile App Job (26 points)

bullet1 #10C LinkedIn Profile (28 points)

Chapter 10 Form Basics
Exam Week Starts
Dec 14

Final Exam: Chapters 7 - 11

DE Students
Exam available from
8am Wed Dec 9 until
8pm Tues Dec 15, 2015

Classroom Students

Final Exam Study Guide - use these links for Review Activities

link Chapter 7 Page Layout Basics
link Chapter 8 More on Links, Layout and Mobile
link Chapter 9 Table Basics
link Chapter 10 Form Basics
link Chapter 11 Media and Interactivity Basics

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