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Advisor and Student

Approved Social Science and Humanities/Fine Arts Electives

The following courses have been approved for Social Science electives and Humanities/Fine Arts electives, provided the course is not required in the student's program.


Social Science


Humanities/Fine Arts

For programs that require one or more Social Science electives, students must choose from these courses: For programs that require one or more
Humanities/Fine Arts electives, students must choose from these courses:



ECO 201, 202 Principles of Macroeconomics I, II ART 101, 102  History and Appreciation of Art I, II


Communications Studies and Theater

GEO 210 People and the Land: Intro to Cultural Geography CST 141, 142 Theatre Appreciation I, II



HIS 101, 102
HIS 111, 112
HIS 121, 122
HIS 267
HIS 277
HIS 279
History of Western Civilization I, II
History of World Civilization I, II
United States History I, II
The Second World War
The American Experience in Vietnam
Age of the American Revolution
ENG 241, 242
ENG 243, 244
ENG 251, 252

Survey of American Literature I, II
Survey of English Literature I, II
Survey of World Literature I, II

Political Science


PLS 135
PLS 136
American National Politics
State and Local Politics
MUS 121, 122
MUS 221, 222
Music Appreciation I, II
History and Appreciation of Music I, II



PSY 200
PSY 215
PSY 216
PSY 230
PSY 235
PSY 245
Principles of Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Child Psychology
Educational Psychology
PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy I



SOC 200
SOC 215
SOC 266
SOC 268
Principles of Sociology
Sociology of the Family
Minority Group Relations
Minority Group Relations
REL 200
REL 210
REL 230
REL 246
Survey of the Old Testament
Survey of the New Testament
Religions of the World

Note: Students planning to transfer should consult the four-year transfer institution to determine course recommendations prior to registering for classes at NRCC. General transfer information is available
on the New River Community College website at