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The NRCC Theater will present Full Moon, a comedy about love by written by Norman Krasna. Sandra Palmer Moye will direct the play.

May 25-27 and May 2-4. All performances begin at 8:00 p.m. in Richardson auditorium in Rooker Hall. Admission is $5.00; $3.00 for students with a current NRCC student ID.

The play is about Cathy and David, two young theater hopefuls who, despite the fact that neither thought they gave a good reading, have been cast in a Broadway play. After rehearsing together, and then acting together, they decide to live together as well-which is fine until Crystal, another actress, tells Cathy that David is "playing around." At the same time the question of who is paying for Cathy's apartment comes up. It happens to be her father, an army colonel, but Cathy (who is not miffed with David) lets him believe that she is being kept by an older man, a rich toy manufacturer with an invalid wife. When Cathy's father arrives unexpectedly the plot thickens hilariously: David is bundled unceremoniously out of the apartment; he jealously shadows them when they go off to the Rainbow Room; Cathy's father grows suspicious; and Cathy, to her chagrin, finds out that David's reputed "affair" was actually a visit by his younger sister. In time each of them figures out what the other is up to, but acts as if he (or she) didn't, which keeps the laughs coming right up to the final scene, in which love and good sense triumph, and marriage is the happy outcome.



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