Alumni Spotlight -- Rod Reedy '75

Rod Reedy

When Rod Reedy graduated from high school in 1973, he had only one college in mind. He applied and was accepted. End of story, right? Not exactly.

Rod and his parents soon discovered that, despite their best efforts, they needed to find a more economical way to reach Rod’s college goals. That’s where New River Community College enters the picture.

Rod enrolled at NRCC and found something unexpected. “I discovered a whole family of caring, quality instructors.” Two years later, after he completed every transfer course possible, Reedy grinned and said he was “kicked out of the nest.” He transferred to Radford University (then Radford College) where he would earn an undergraduate degree in history and social science and, eventually, a master’s degree in educational leadership with a concentration in counselor education.

After graduation, Rod taught history, government, and psychology at Pulaski County High School (PCHS). He also served as an assistant football coach and head coach for the girls’ basketball team.  Reedy left PCHS for a couple of years to pursue a Division 1 coaching opportunity before returning as the school’s athletics and activities director. His career continued along the administrative path, culminating with a decade of service as principal at PCHS and Pulaski Middle School.

A couple of months ago, Rod Reedy came back home to his NRCC family when he accepted a position as a career advisor at the college. “Maybe it’s fate that I’ve returned to New River. What’s nice is that, after all these years and all the changes that have occurred at the college, I came back to find that same family atmosphere that made such a difference in my life when I was a young college student.”

Rod’s wife, Deb, also graduated from NRCC and RU and is an employee of Radford City Schools. The Reedys live in Radford with their 11-year-old twin sons, Marc and Jacob.




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