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By-Laws & Regulations

Proposed Amendment 1
Article 10, Section 2 states: Moneys raised for the chapter shall be allocated in the name of the members attending conferences. Moneys needed for activities in the name of the organization shall be addressed and voted on at chapter meetings. Chapter must establish an account with the Business Office and Accounting to maintain all moneys raised by the chapter.

The proposed amendment to be added (under Article 10 and would become Section 3) would include the following: Any member who is absent for an event that they have committed to attending will have a hold placed on their student account until the Chapter is reimbursed by the student for the costs associated with the event, provided that there are no documented circumstances such as, but not limited to: death of a family member, serious illness, emergency situations, jury duty, and any other reasons deemed appropriate by the Chapter advisors.

ARTICLE I- Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Psi Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda. Phi Beta Lambda also can be referred to as PBL.

ARTICLE II- Preamble

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is an organization for students interested in business careers and business-related careers. The purpose of the organization is to provide additional opportunities for post-secondary students to develop vocational and career competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibility. The mission is to get business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

The Goals of Phi Beta Lambda are to:

  • Develop competent, aggressive business leadership
  • Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work
  • Create more interest and understanding of American business enterprise
  • Encourage members in the development of individual projects, which contribute to the improvement of home, business , and community.
  • Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism
  • Encourage and practice efficient money management
  • Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty
  • Assist in the establishment of occupational goals
  • Facilitate the transition from school to work


Section 1.
Officers of local chapters consist of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, and Parliamentarian.

Section 2.
The duties of the officers are as follows.

The President
presides over and conducts meetings according to accepted parliamentary procedure; keeps members and discussion on track; appoints committees and serves as ex-officio member; represents the chapter at special school events and to other organizations; coordinates chapter activities by keeping in close touch with other officers, the membership, and the advisor; keeps chapter work moving in a satisfactory manner by following up on progress being made on all activities; and calls special meetings as needed.

The Vice-president
assists the president in the discharge of duties; presides over meetings in absence of the president: is prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the president should the need arise; serves as an ex-officio member on chapter committees; and oversees all committee work and management of assignments.

The Secretary
prepares and reads the minutes of meetings; provides the president with an agenda for each meeting; counts and records votes when taken; prepares chapter records; keeps permanent records of the chapter. Cooperates with the treasurer in keeping accurate membership roll and issues membership cards; reads communications at meetings; and provides reference material for each meeting; the secretary collects minutes of the previous meetings, lists of committee reports, copies of local, state, and national programs of work.

The Treasurer
receives and acts as custodian of chapter funds with the advisor; collects all state and national dues and is responsible for their disbursement by the appropriate deadlines with advisor ; keeps financial records neat and current; devises, with the assistance of the membership and the advisor, appropriate fund raising activities; pays out authorized chapter funds; encourages systematic savings; assists in preparing an annual statement of estimated receipts and expenditures; and protects the financial reputation of the chapter by seeing that obligations are met promptly.

The Reporter
devises media lists for chapter mailings; gathers and classifies chapter news; prepares news releases and articles for publication in school and local newspaper(s); acquaints local electronic and print editors (radio, television, cable, newspaper, etc.) with the aims of the organization; files clippings and pictures of chapter activities and keeps a chapter publicity scrapbook; assists in maintaining a chapter bulletin board, and assists with planning and arranging chapter exhibits.

The Historian
maintains a history of the chapter, including an annual report of chapter activities, awards and publicity.

The Parliamentarian
assists chapter members in the understanding of parliamentary procedure; is prepared to advise the presiding officer and other chapter members on parliamentary procedure; has reference materials pertaining to parliamentary procedure available for each meeting; watches for significant irregularities in parliamentary procedure and calls them to the attention of the chair; and is prepared to explain any irregularities and its effect on the rights of all chapter members.

ARTICLE IV - Selection of Officers

Section 1.
Paid members can be nominated by another paid member or nominate themselves for a position. The votes are cast by secret ballot at a meeting specified "Officer Elections" in the beginning of the fall term of every school year.

Section 2.
Officers shall be elected by secret ballot and counted by the advisor and announced when all the votes have been counted. Members that have paid their dues are eligible to vote. If the need is there an officer can hold more than one position. Voting members must be present at the time of elections.

ARTICLE V- Term of Office

The officers shall serve a term from the fall semester until the National Leadership Conference.

ARTICLE VII - Voting Powers of Officers

All officers may vote with the exception of the President. In the case of a tie the President will vote.

ARTICLE VIII - Vacancies

When an officer resigns or is removed, a member who is interested in filling the position can do so by addressing the President and Advisor. The advisor will then make the appointment.

ARTICLE IX - Membership

Section 1.
Membership is limited to all students who have paid their dues and are enrolled with New River Community College. The membership dues are subject to the national and state dues established by FBLA-PBL Inc. and Virginia FBLA-PBL. Association & Foundation, Inc. No discrimination shall be made on the basis of gender, race, age, creed, religion, disability, sexual preference, national origin, marital status, parental status, or veteran's status. No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership in this organization. All groups, except those exempted by law, must have opportunities for male and female memberships.

Section 2.
Active voting members are limited to students who have paid fees, paid membership dues, and are enrolled with New River Community College. These students shall be participating in the fields of business, office, or business education who accept the purpose of PBL and subscribe to its creed.

Section 3.
Recruitment begins when the membership year begins which is the fall semester of a school year. In order to maintain an active status, member must renew membership every year with the FBLA-PBL National Office in Reston, Virginia.

Section 4.
Paid Members may participate in all local, state and national sponsored events. Paid members are also members in the state and national organization.

Section 5.
Membership is revoked if a member demonstrates improper conduct or neglect of duty.

Section 6.
Membership is determined by payment of dues. Failure to pay dues results in termination of membership.

Section 7.
Professional Members shall be persons associated with or participating in the professional development of PBL as approved by state chapters. Such members may include local and state chapter advisors, business teachers, business teacher educators, state supervisors, and any other persons contributing to the growth and development of PBL. Professional members shall pay dues as established by PBL, but shall not participate in competitive events, serve as voting delegates, or hold office.

Section 8. An inactive chapter,is a chapter that existed before, however failed to submit a renewal form every year. In the case of an inactive chapter, that chapter must fill out a reactivation form along with a reactivation fee.

Section 9.
Quorum shall be 5 active members.

ARTICLE X - Dues and Finances

Section 1.
Annual dues shall be $18 for chapter, $8 for state, and $10 for national. These dues must be paid by the second Friday in January so that they can be mailed to National by February 15 to be eligible for competition.

Section 2.
Moneys raised for the chapter shall be allocated in the name of the members attending conferences. Moneys needed for activities in the name of the organization shall be addressed and voted on at chapter meetings. Chapter must establish an account with the Business Office and Accounting to maintain all moneys raised by the chapter.

Section 3.
All transactions require both the Advisor and Chapter President.

ARTICLE Xl - Advisor

The chapter advisor will have an advisor, who is a member of the faculty in the business department. The advisor is instrumental In organizing and stimulating chapter development and gaining support of schools administrators, classes, and the community. The advisor should meet with other business teachers to gain their support. A successful advisor communicates sound information reinforced by printed materials available from the national or state office. The advisor should stimulate student participation in the planning process and involve as many students as possible.

An Advisor Must:

  • Be aware of the history, principles, constitution, ceremonies, bylaws, and other essentials for the active operation of a local chapter
  • Hold regular chapter meetings and see that they are conducted in a business-like-manner using parliamentary procedure
  • Assist members in the developing of an annual program of work, which includes a budget, calendar, and committee assignments
  • Encourage civic responsibility through professional conferences, chapter activities, school improvement projects, and support of community activities
  • Assist in the maintenance of necessary chapter records, financial membership, state and national dues reporting, etc.
  • Ensure that the school, administration, faculty, students, and the public are informed of all achievements
  • Recruit, supervise, and coordinate the preparation of students for local, state and national activities and competitive events
  • Be aware of all guidelines at all levels
  • Oversee financial development projects - collecting, counting, depositing, monitoring distributing ordered or produced merchandise
  • Supervise the receipt, recording, depositing and expenditure of chapter funds

ARTICLE Xll - External Affiliations

This chapter is a local chapter affiliated with the national organization Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda referred to as FBLA-PBL and the state organization Virginia PBL Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda Association and Foundation, Inc.

ARTICLE XIII - Publication, Emblems, Insignia, and Colors

Section 1.
The chapter emblems shall be the emblems of the national organization.

Section 2.
The official emblem and insignia items are designed and protected by registration in the US Patent under Trademark Act of 1946.

Section 3.
Emblems and insignia shall be uniform in all local and state chapters of PBL. Only members in good standing may use official emblems and insignia.

Section 4.
The official colors of PBL shall be blue and gold.

ARTICLE XIV - Parliamentary Authority

Section 1.
Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be followed by the organization in all cases involving parliamentary procedure when it does not conflict with the constitution.

Section 2.
These rules may be suspended by 2/3 vote of present membership.

ARTICLE XV - Amendments of the By-laws

Amendments to the By-laws shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and shall not be voted until the following regular meeting. A 2/3 vote of the members present shall be required for adoption.



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