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     DevMath Boot Camp

DevMath Boot Camps meet for two weeks, Tuesday – Friday, and can help you pass one developmental math unit to get you to your credit math course sooner.
You will have an instructor and embedded tutor to help you master the material you’re missing.
The camps are for students who are motivated to complete one more math unit in an accelerated format.
Students are required to attend both weeks and will be enrolled in a one-credit MTT course (applicable tuition and fees will be charged).

Students who successfully complete the boot camp will be eligible
for the Graduation Acceleration Program.

Choose From Two Locations!

room C150, NRV Mall site, Christiansburg

August 9-19
Tuesday - Friday
8 am - noon

Godbey 150, NRCC, Dublin

August 9-19
Tuesday - Friday
1 pm - 5 pm