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What math courses are required for my major?

To find the courses required for the majors and degrees offered at NRCC, go to graduation requirement page.
Be sure to meet with a counselor before making any final decisions in your schedule.

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Which first-semester calculus courses should I take?

For engineering programs:

Math 173 (4 credits)

This is the first semester in a four semester calculus sequence (MTH 173, 174, 285 (or 177), 277 and 279) for engineering, mathematics, computer science and science majors. You should have taken a precalculus class and a trigonometry class and passed with a grade of C or better in each.

If this is your first college level math course, you should have taken 4 years of high school math, including Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and a course on functions. We offer MTH 166 Preclaculus with Trigonometry which satisfies the prerequisites for MTH 173.  MTH 163 DOES NOT satisfy this requirement since Trigonometry is not a topic in MTH 163 and is a requirement for MTH 173.

For non-engineering transfer programs:

Math 163 (3 credits) and 271 (3credits)

Check with the college to which you intend to transfer. Some common choices are

MTH 163 (3 credits) and 271 (3 credits) (Precalculus and Calculus)

MTH 151 (3 credits) and 152 (3 credits) (Math for the Liberal Arts)

MTH 157 or MTH 240 (Statistics)

MTH 271 is a one-semester introduction to topics in calculus, emphasizing applications, and primarily oriented for students who are business or social science majors. Concepts are developed more intuitively and less formally than in MTH 173.

The prerequisite for MTH 271 is a course that may have a title such as college algebra, precalculus or functions.

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Where can I go if I need help with math?

All students enrolled in math classes can take advantage of the free tutoring service available at Academic Assistance on the NRCC campus in Dublin and NRV Mall Site.

Dublin site Godbey Hall room 131 to sign up. The hours of operation are

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5PM

NRV Mall site Upstairs room 202A to sign up. The hours of operation are TBA

The telephone number is (540) 674-3664

If you are taking a lecture course, your instructor will help you during office hours. Check your course syllabus for the times.

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What is the math placement test?

If you have never taken a college mathematics course you must take a math placement test before enrolling in any math courses. You must submit your application for admission before taking the placement test.

The computerized placement test is divided into five levels of material: Prealgebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Your answer in any particular section of the test will determine how many problems and which sections of the test you will see. As long as your answers are correct, the computer will continue to give you harder questions. Your answers will determine how many questions you will receive and the areas in which you will be tested.

The computer will ask you to select a starting level for the test. Your choices are "easy" (primarily Arithmetic), "medium" (Algebra,) or "difficult" (College Algebra.) For placement purposes, you must begin the test in either "easy" or "medium" level.

The test is untimed, but you should allow at least 2 hours to complete the test. The computer decides when you are finished. You must complete the test to receive a score.

The placement test may be taken at most once per semester and at most three times per year. Hand-held calculators are not allowed. There is an online calculator for use during the test.

Reviewing material that you have previously studied is recommended before you take the placement test. Sample questions for each area are available online and in the Counseling Center.

Students can take the test at the Learning Center in Rooker Hall.

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