Contact Information:
Lucy Howlett
540-674-3600 ext. 3619



Services of the Center

The center tailors services to the needs of students so they may enroll and achieve in any of the college's programs of study.  Among the services offered are:

  • tutors
  • note takes
  • tape recorders
  • test accommodations
    • extended time
    • out-of-class
    • oral
    • scribed
  • pre-registration advising
  • campus orientation
  • individual and small group counseling
  • small group seminars on
    • time management
    • priority setting
    • study techniques
    • social/interpersonal skills


The Center also serves as a valuable informational resource for the college staff and community. Each year Center personnel conduct in-service training activities for faculty and staff at New River and other colleges to ensure an accepting and knowledgeable environment.

In addition to the immediate impact on students enrolled in the Center, the Center has had far reaching impact on the understanding of learning disabilities among educators, other professionals, parents, and others. Efforts have included more than 50 presentations at local, state, and national meetings; outreach to almost all public high schools in the state; assistance with the development of four support/advocacy groups for the learning-disabled population; and service as consultant for numerous colleges trying to initiate a similar program for their students with disabilities.