Student Activities

Thursday, March 25:

The Cheerleading Club will host a taco sale in the Lounge from 11:00 am to 1:00pm. For more information about this sale or the Cheerleading Club, contact Belinda Nuckols at

The Human Services & Early Childhood Education Organization will meet at 11:00 in Godbey 130.  For more information about this club, please contact Bonnie Graham at

The NRCC baseball team will travel to play Patrick Henry Community College at 3:00pm in Martinsville, VA.  Go Knights! Contact Coach Wes Adcock at for more information.

NRCC welcomes high school seniors and their parents this Thursday evening from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Contact Deborah Kennedy at

The New River Valley JOB FAIR will be held Thursday in Edwards  Hall, Room 117 from 10:00 am to 3:00pm! The event will have more than 40 of the region’s employers and service providers recruiting prospective employees. If you are interested in finding a new job, or learning about future jobs, this is a MUST SEE event!  More information is available

Friday, March 26:

SGA meeting at 11:10am in Godbey 133. For more information about the SGA, please contact Ben Kramer at
The GLBTSA will meet at 12:00 noon in Edwards Board Room. For more information about the GLBTSA, please contact Ben Kramer at

The I/O Technologies club will meet at 3:00pm Friday in Godbey 133.  For more information about this newly proposed club, contact student leader Jason McCracken at

Saturday, March 27:

The NRCC baseball team will travel to play Spartanburg Methodist College at 1:00pm in Spartanburg, SC.  Go Knights! Contact Coach Wes Adcock at for more information.

Sunday, March 28: Palm Sunday

The NRCC baseball team will again play Spartanburg Methodist College at 1:00pm in Spartanburg, SC.  Go Knights! Contact Coach Wes Adcock at for more information.

Benjamin G. Kramer

Activities Counselor

New River Community College

P.O. Box 1127

Dublin, VA 24084

540-674-3600, ext. 4431

540-674-3644 (Fax)

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Ping-Pong Tournament

On Monday, February 21, NRCC Student Activities hosted a ping pong tournament in the lounge at 2:30pm.  This was the first of a week-long series of intramural tournaments, including chess (Tues), billiards (Thurs) , and Madden NFL 10 (Fri). Four students participated in the chess tournament: Wondwossen Urge, Yared Gedle, Brent Warner, and Elena Johnson.  The winners were Wondwossen Urge, 1st place ( $25.00 Gift Card to Wal Mart), Brent Warner, 2nd place ( $15.00 Gift Card to Wal Mart), and Yared Gedle, 3rd place ( $10.00 gift card to Wal Mart).  Elena received a prize too, an NRCC T-shirt.  Thanks to all four participants for playing,  and we look forward to  more players participating in the next tournaments!

Photo: “Yared faces off against Elena in the Ping Pong Tournament”.

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New River Knights Basketball

Photographs from two spring basketball games for The Knights!

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There’s A New Game In Town

In Quantic Dream’s newest title Heavy Rain, they have created a new kind of game for the new decade. The game’s plot line has four characters that become connected due to the actions of a murderer called the Origami killer. It is more of an interactive movie than an actual game, having the player decide on what the character says or does in a certain situation.

The graphics for the game are superb. During loading points, the page goes to a close up view of one of the characters, making you realize how unbelievably real their faces look. Although it can get kind of weird when the characters stop talking and showing emotion and end up having blank faces.

For the controls of the game you use pretty much all of the buttons and they are pretty easy. During action sequences you have to pay very close attention because you never know what kind of button you have to use. Sometimes, though, it gets awkward and frustrating to make the character walk around. I found myself missing action points numerous times because my character walked too far away from an object when I only pressed it forward once.

Heavy Rain is a good game minus some of the negative bits. It is worth checking out for those who would like to take a break from the usual first-person shooters and sports games and try their hands at the interactive drama.

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My take on Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp was surrounded by a huge mound of expectations. Tim Burton was supposed to outdo himself, and blow our minds like he did with Nightmare Before Christmas and Big Fish. However, in my opinion this movie fell a little short.  There was nothing defining about this movie, if you were to take away the 3-D aspect. It seems like some films are more concerned with the visual aspects than the story line. Another example of this phenomenon? Avatar, which is incredible visually! The story line left something to be desired with the same ol  same ol guy is bad, guy falls in love, guy gets better…sound familiar?  The money going into these huge budget films needs to be reconsidered, lets spend less money and make something excellent, The Big Lebowski anyone?

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Claytor Lake or Project 739?

On Tuesday December 5th, I was greeted by four flying saucer shaped generators. More reminiscent of “Area 51″ Nevada, than the New River Valley in Virginia, the Dam, built back in 1939 is still the largest of the company’s 12 hydroelectric plants, with a total generating capacity of 83,000 Kilowatts. In 1944 the people surrounding the area expressed an interest in the establishment of a State Park on the new lake. Their vision created the lake we are familiar with today with fishing, skiing, boating, hiking trails, camping, a visitor center and housing around the highly sought-after 100 miles of shoreline property.  The lake backs up from the dam for over 21 miles.

At this time, one of the four 20,000 kilowatt generators is in the process of being replaced.  The generator portion is connected to the water turbine by a 24 inch diameter solid steel shaft that spins at 1381/2 times per minute that travels to the turbines 65 feet below the water level.

Hi-Power hydraulics-for-wicket-gates

Hi-Power hydraulics-for-wicket gates These small gates adjust the water into the turbine. The turbines must turn at a precise speed so the generators produce power at exactly 60 Hertz. Controlling the speed of the turbines is accomplished by controlling the amount of the water entering the turbines by the use of hydraulic wicket gates that resemble 20 small gates that regulate water amounts.

The Dam is so automated now that there are only two full time employees to run the whole thing. When repairs or replacement parts are to be installed, a team of skilled mechanics travel from one dam to the next and perform regular maintenance and repairs.

Opening Day at the Dam

The one picture shows the uninstalled new generator core with all the magnets numbered around the outside. It is basically a 55 ton version of an auto generator, very similar to the alternator that keeps your car’s battery charged. The generators are covered with the flying saucer shaped protectors, but the actual turbines are way below those covers.

Hopefully next time you turn on a light switch or power up your PC, you will know that although the electricity comes from a national grid. We are generating our fair share right here at Claytor Lake.

Many thanks to the Staff at the Dam for taking time out from their schedule to show the Alternative and Hybrid Energy Class, ELE 176, their great facility.  Also thanks to Keith McAllister and Montie Fleshman for arranging the tour.

Self Contained Fire Equipment for Electrical Fires

Self Contained Fire Equipment for Electrical Fires

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Homemade Crafts for the holidays

How many of us are struggling this year for a cheap and meaningful gift for our loved ones? For me it’s been an ongoing process for a few years now.  I have discovered quite a few quick and easy options.

Option One:

Do you know how to knit? Why not knit up a quick little scarf! Who doesn’t need one?  Having one that is hand crafted by a loved one makes it that much more special.

Option Two:

Do you have a couple that you need a good gift for? How about getting them a journal and writing a note on the first page stating that this journal is only for good things. Let them know that they need to leave this notebook on a coffee table or kitchen table and take the time everyday or every week to write something that they love about their significant other. It’s a great tool for the couple and a great keepsake after a few years!

Option Three:

Make your own photo album with anything you have lying around the house.  I use cardboard, glue, fabric from old t-shirts or jeans, and everyday printer paper.  Go to Walmart or CVS and have the pictures you want printed out. Making your own photo album gives you the freedom to design it however you want to, however big or small and with as many little or large notes. You can also buy a cheap notebook and use it for the same purpose.

These are just a few cheap and easy ideas for all of us struggling through these holiday times!

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Spring Registration Continues

Students can continue to register for Spring 2010 classes over winter break.  The registration process is online and payment is deferred until January 11, 2010.  If payment is not received by that date, classes are dropped and students must re-register.  Financial aid recipients should check with the Financial Aid Office at 540-674-3615 well before classes begin.  There is a newsletter on the Financial Aid Website that outlines important dates regarding book purchases and balance checks.

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The Aftermath

How did you fair after this black Friday? Did you find everything that you were looking for? Did you find things you weren’t looking for? Did your animal instincts come out as you prowled and stalked around your favorite stores at an outrageously early hour?

As for me, I was not as much of a trooper as I thought.  Though I did manage to get up at 3:30 and make it to Target in time to get our prized “big item”.  I found myself feeling unprepared. I neglected to come dressed for the cold weather and forwent my ritual hot cup of coffee. This left me a par below all others!  Target thankfully had thought of us out there in the cold, and to give us the hope we needed came out and provided a free tote bag and map of the store! Incredible!

The reason for only visiting one store on this glory filled day is that our other options became increasingly a waste of time! How is it that Best Buy will only have SIX, count it SIX of each door buster? What have I done to you Best Buy? I thought I was a loyal customer, coming to you when I wanted a good film, coming to you when I needed a new phone cover. Why have you scorned us?

I felt miffed by all of our Department stores this Black Friday. They seem to have forgotten the thrill of the chase, and the great deals that we are all searching for. I’ll be holding out for next year, hoping against all hopes that they get it right.

Here’s to you Target, for holding up your end of the bargain. I’ll be back in 2010.

[All views expressed here are those of the writer and do not reflect the views of The Knight Rider and our affiliated staff, and school organizations.]

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A Christmas Carol Movie Review

I admit it; I gave in to the hype about the new Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. It was quite a surprise to be honest. I was not prepared for how “scary” it was going to be. Would I recommend taking younger children to this particular film? No. However, that seems to be the trend in these newer animations.  Overall, I was a little bored through the beginning and the ghosts of Christmas seemed to be dragging their feet when it came to making their point. Rent it, Redbox it, Netflix it, but skip going to see it in the theaters.

[All views expressed here are those of the writer and do not reflect the views of The Knight Rider and our affiliated staff, and school organizations.]

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