Upcoming SGA Projects

The SGA receives up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement. In order to receive a share, an SGA member must complete a project which benefits the students of NRCC. If the project is never completed, the status quo cannot be met and tuition reimbursement becomes minuscule for its respective official.
With this in mind, the SGA has selected various approaches to interact with their fellow students.

Treasurer James Kittinger has chosen to serve students by talking with them. Once a week he travels the campus, speaking with students about problems and recording their solutions. Kittinger also hopes to conduct more student activities like a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Aside from helping Kittinger with student interviews, Senator Meagan Willis will conduct a town hall meeting every week. She estimates 11:30 am Wednesday for a set time, though admits it may change.

Senator Stacy Gibbs, also an interviewer, has not yet chosen a project. When she decides a project, it will likely involve community service.

President Joey Sclafani will function as a link between students and the committee reshaping Martin Hall’s lounge. By distributing a survey among peers and presenting data before the committee, Sclafani hopes to represent popular student opinion.

Senators Aundrea Scott and Timothy Herzog are working on an endeavor from fall semester: the transit system. Both senators hope to begin a shuttle service which drives between NRCC‘s campus and its mall site. To judge its effectiveness, trial runs will more than likely commence during the evening. Scott also expresses interest in opening a chapter for College Democrats of America.

Secretary Emily Polan has targeted a vegetarian endeavor. She would like more meat free food added to NRCC’s vending machines.

Senator Sarah Polan is returning VA21 to NRCC. VA21 lobbies for lower textbook prices and discusses college issues such as gun rights and security.

Vice-president Melissa Kittinger-Surratt has commenced three long-term undertakings. She currently helps develop a mentor program, a group of people which offer general advice and support. Campus Clean-up, a project which removes trash from NRCC‘s campus, will be continued from fall semester. Her third venture includes driving people from Radford to the campus.

Senator Cameron Sonnenburg will try convincing NRCC to hire a resource officer and install more security cameras.

The SGA has stated in several meetings that their interest lies solely within the students’ well being. To communicate this they maintain an open door policy with students, inviting criticism and advice through their website: http://www.nr.edu/sga/index.htm.

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