How Can Students Help The SGA?

Some students were wondering how they can help or participate with their SGA. Here is the answer!

The SGA has projects they come up with each year and encourage students to contribute to. These are the ongoing projects that will continue into the next semester.

Projects and how students can help:

1.) Cans For Gas: Students can collect cans and take them to the drop off sites, then the cans will be recycled and the money put toward gas cards! (Where are the drop off sites? Good God, list them.)

2.) Campus Clean-up: All students can help by simply picking up your trash when they are outside!

3.) The Knight Rider: All students can help with the school newspaper! To help contact Sarah Polan, the editor.

4.) The SGA is trying to get a survey where students are asked what they think the college needs and what the SGA can help achieve. When they ask, just give your honest opinion!

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