A New Day Is Dawning For NRCC Knights

By Xiomara Saucedo

An unexpected question on the Fall 2013 SGA Election ballot brought forth a little confusion and curiosity for some of the students attending NRCC. To be specific, it was question number six: “If you could choose a mascot for New River Community College sport teams, what would it be?” …Say what? Yep, if you voted, you read it right! But was this simply a random question?  Maybe not.

There are reasons for every inquiry. On Tuesday September 10, 2013, students were asked a question that many thought kind of unusual considering the fact that we already have an official mascot… or so we thought. According to Dr. Benjamin G. Kramer, Activities Counselor at NRCC, the school’s mascot might’ve been chosen by a former basketball team of NRCC and not necessarily by the school’s board of directors. Dr. Kramer stated that before he became an employee, in the fall of 1993, that the school’s mascot, the Knight, was already a big hit with the students. Kramer is not one-hundred percent sure that the team solely elected the school’s image, but it was clear that NRCC were the “Knights” upon his arrival.

“The teams uniforms at that time were green and white” explained Dr. Kramer, as he flipped through an old photo album, “so we identified with these as the school’s colors. “Later we added the colors grey and black”, since this would provide more fashionable options when ordering uniforms.

So, do we have official school colors? “The official school colors are blue and red, with a cool gray used for accents”, Dr. Kramer revealed.

In June of 2012, NRCC President, Jack Lewis, sent out a formal charge that would form the first “Branding Innovative Team” at NRCC. Their initiative would be a huge one; the college’ identity. The team met several times and last fall the school officially decided on the new, brighter, schools colors. Faculty, staff and students may have noticed last year that the college website undertook some new changes including the assimilation of the new colors.

What’s next? “The team is now working on possible new logos and a mascot.” explained Kramer.

New River Community College is in search of its true identity. An awesome group of people are working towards the goal of introducing a brand that the entire NRCC community can embrace. The students of NRCC were given an opportunity to voice their thoughts and the Branding Innovative Team are taking all suggestions into serious consideration.

Change is hard, but the majority of the time, change is instituted with good intentions. In 1959 the school was known as the New River Vocational-Technical School, “Vo-Tech” for short and our campus was located in Radford. Vo-Tech became New River Community College in 1969 and relocated to Dublin. These decisions did not come without some hesitation but the increase in attendance and funding was proof that the college was headed in the right direction.

Faculty, staff, and students of New River Community College, a new day is dawning for NRCC Knights. “Whatever the college needs, whatever we choose to do, I hope that we can all be proud”, Dr. Kramer added. Lights out for now, Knights.

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