Got A Ride?

For some of us, one of our big worries is how to get to and from the Mall site and the Dublin campus. Blacksburg Transit has a survey in the works to find out if it should increase the bus service from Virginia Tech to the Mall Site. Please fill out the survey when it comes out in the next two weeks to encourage service to New River. The SGA will be conducting their own poll to see if there is enough ridership to warrant buying a bus to travel between the mall and tha main campus. The town of Blacksburg and Blacksburg transit may also investigate a transportation grant to provide funding for a bus to travel between the mall site and the main campus.

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One Response to Got A Ride?

  1. Billy says:

    Hey, why not mention the Ride Solutions that NRCC is already using? It provides a confusing format for people who have a ride to offer the ride between hither and yon without waiting for a state grant which is a scarce item in this economic climate.