Ping-Pong Tournament

On Monday, February 21, NRCC Student Activities hosted a ping pong tournament in the lounge at 2:30pm.  This was the first of a week-long series of intramural tournaments, including chess (Tues), billiards (Thurs) , and Madden NFL 10 (Fri). Four students participated in the chess tournament: Wondwossen Urge, Yared Gedle, Brent Warner, and Elena Johnson.  The winners were Wondwossen Urge, 1st place ( $25.00 Gift Card to Wal Mart), Brent Warner, 2nd place ( $15.00 Gift Card to Wal Mart), and Yared Gedle, 3rd place ( $10.00 gift card to Wal Mart).  Elena received a prize too, an NRCC T-shirt.  Thanks to all four participants for playing,  and we look forward to  more players participating in the next tournaments!

Photo: “Yared faces off against Elena in the Ping Pong Tournament”.

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