Homemade Crafts for the holidays

How many of us are struggling this year for a cheap and meaningful gift for our loved ones? For me it’s been an ongoing process for a few years now.  I have discovered quite a few quick and easy options.

Option One:

Do you know how to knit? Why not knit up a quick little scarf! Who doesn’t need one?  Having one that is hand crafted by a loved one makes it that much more special.

Option Two:

Do you have a couple that you need a good gift for? How about getting them a journal and writing a note on the first page stating that this journal is only for good things. Let them know that they need to leave this notebook on a coffee table or kitchen table and take the time everyday or every week to write something that they love about their significant other. It’s a great tool for the couple and a great keepsake after a few years!

Option Three:

Make your own photo album with anything you have lying around the house.  I use cardboard, glue, fabric from old t-shirts or jeans, and everyday printer paper.  Go to Walmart or CVS and have the pictures you want printed out. Making your own photo album gives you the freedom to design it however you want to, however big or small and with as many little or large notes. You can also buy a cheap notebook and use it for the same purpose.

These are just a few cheap and easy ideas for all of us struggling through these holiday times!

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