No Couples Living Together Before Marriage? No way.

Excuse me Governor McDonnell, but I’m a little pissed off at your ignorance and would like to introduce you to the 21st century. Here in America we are allowed to live with the people we love regardless of a marriage certificate.  I believe we call it freedom.

The Governor’s idea of trying to outlaw couples who are not married from living together is insulting. The fact that the idea was even allowed to be mentioned is ludicrous.

How does a state enforce such a law? Can we consider co-ed dorm rooms?  What do we do about that? Not all men and women living in the same home are a couple. Perhaps they are friends, or one person of that party is not interested in the opposite sex. Are we then to say that all females must live alone or with other females? And those males must live with only males regardless of sexual orientation?

So Governor McDonnell, what you are saying is that if a couple has been together for 45 years and never married, they are not allowed to live together? Or that after a certain amount of time that it is allowed? I’m curious Governor to know whether or not you understand the extent of the statement made?

Is anyone else in an uproar over this?

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5 Responses to No Couples Living Together Before Marriage? No way.

  1. someone says:

    Um, would you like to provide a link or some kind of reference to where he said he would do this? I haven’t exactly been glued to a television recently. But quick search of the Google news didn’t turn up anything relating the new Governor to issues about unmarried people living together. Are you really sure he said something about it? You’re right, it is kind of odd that people aren’t in an uproar. Possibly because it isn’t real…

  2. Someone Else says:

    ” The fact that the idea was even allowed to be mentioned is ludicrous”
    Come on, if you are an advocate for free speech, then how can you say another persons idea should not be allowed to be mentioned?
    You are a hypocrite.
    You do not believe in Free Speech and this comment proves it.
    DO you wear your Nazi swastika proudly, or do you not realize it is on your back for all to see?
    I’m sure you believe that anyone who does not agree with your point of view should be “Shut Up” by whatever means that YOU decide is appropriate. I hope not by fire!
    The last time I checked, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is not necessarily ignorant and may actually be higher up on the intellectual scale than you appear to think you are!
    To use your own word’s,
    “I’m curious to know whether or not you understand the extent of the statement you have made”?
    Freedom of speech? You Don’t Know What is is, when you loose it, you will know.
    Move to a Muslim country and then plead your gay sob story, good luck with that.

  3. Jason Ross says:

    Use your real names.

  4. Fred says:

    Someone, if you actually read things and not just article titles you would see that McDonnell’s graduate thesis involved harsh criticisms of gays and cohabiting couples. Just a thought that you should look before you speak.

  5. Someone Again says:

    [suppressed] you Jason, and way to be a smart [suppressed] Fred.