Thoughts On Studying

As college students we are supposed to know how to study. By this time in our lives we have had fifteen or so years of experience in school and we absolutely should know the ins and outs of a good study session. Feeling lost? Do not feel bad, it took me two years of being enrolled in college classes to figure out just what I was and was not doing right.

Let us start at the beginning, how many of us do not read the book for class? We buy it every year, we spend hundreds of dollars on it, and there it sits all semester long never even having the spine cracked. PICK IT UP! When your teacher suggests you read the chapter before class, do that! It does wonders! While you are reading your chapter ahead of time for class, try making an outline of the information and take that with you. Having an outline of the chapter before class enables you to just add minor notes during the lecture. This way, you spend more time listening then trying to catch up with all of the big items.

Actually study. High school was where we learned to memorize and regurgitate. This is college, you need to know your information and be able to apply it where applicable. Learning the information is essential so start some study groups and really get down to business. Make up little stories to help you remember and keep referring to it. If this information becomes used in your day to day speech it will be so much easier to remember come test time!

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