Renewed Interest in Classic Transportation

This past weekend, the parking lot below Rooker hall was used by a group of people from four different states as a training arena for an unusual class.

NRCC offers a 3 day Motorcycle Sidecar/Trike Safety Class that is only offered in four other states, it is so rare that it enticed people to travel from Mariatta GA, Huntsville NC, Cleveland OH, Manassas VA, as well as Roanoke, Newport, Hillsville and Floyd.

The class consists of a four hour classroom session on Friday night, followed by two full days of hands on training starting at 8 am on Saturday and Sunday.

The Instructors Dennis Phillips and Don Early teach special safety techniques for handling three wheeler motorcycles in a variety of situations and also how to avoid those situations if it is possible.

The different three wheel setups available today include Trikes, Bikes with Sidecars, and the new Bombadier Spyder with two front and one rear wheel. All three setups require specialized skills a lot different than your three or four-wheeler ATV’s, as these vehicles all have the potential to run in the 100mph range or faster.

The new era of sidecars are a long way from the minimalistic styles from the 1960’s when they were more popular than ever. Now they are more reminiscent of an aircraft cockpit and the motorcycles have anti-lock brakes, Electronic Stability Control, and many of the high end computer aided safety devices found on today’s high performance sports cars.

The women outnumber the men 5 to 4 in this particular class, pointing out that these days, women enjoy the thrill of riding the open road just as much as the guys.

Every member of the class I spoke with gave the two Instructors, Don and Dennis, extremely high praise, for their relaxed teaching style and patience which made the long drive for some, definitely worth the effort.

You can see that everyone who attended this potentially lifesaving class had a great time.  It’s evident by the smiles on their faces right after completing two days of intensive instruction.

This weekend long class was a very smart investment for all who attended, the skills learned will help them make the right decision in that split second that really counts, and that can be a Life Saver.

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