Wind Powered Sign a Sign Of The Future

Most of the students at NRCC have driven past the windmill in front on the Volvo Plant and some may often wonder why it is there!

Well, members of the Alternative and Hybrid Energy class ELE 176, had a chance to inspect the 80 foot high, 23 ft span, 10 Kilo Watt, Wind Turbine generator on Tuesday afternoon.  Thanks to our own Keith McAllister and Johnny Kincer from the Volvo Organization.

The Turbine powers the lights on the main Volvo/Mack sign, and any extra power feeds back into the main power grid for a credit that is then used when there is no wind.

The whole system is part of an experiment by the company to examine the feasibility and cost savings that the installation of a much larger system could offer the company which has a utility bill almost as large as a small city.

This is the first semester that Alternative Energy Classes have been included in the college curriculum, and considering the growing interest in clean, green energy. The classes promise to attract a lot more interest in Photo Voltaic Solar Power and Wind Turbine Energy as the technology becomes more affordable and utility bills keep increasing.

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