Winners of the Student Activities Tournaments

Several Students competed in four different tournaments every day at 2:30 in the lounge from Monday, September 29 to Thursday, October 1, 2009; which the NRCC Student Activities hosted.  Last monday, September 28th, sixteen students competed in a ping pong tournament. The winner were Yared Gedle (1st place), Will Glarner (2nd place),  and Jeffrey O’Neal (3rd place). The following Tuesday, September 29th, three students competed in the chess tournament. The winners were Tate Palmer (1st place), Kristi Crawford (2nd place), and Jennifer Hawks (3rd place). On Wednesday, September 30th, twelve students competed in the Pool tournament, Ronald Davis came in first place, Sean Malone second, and Travis Cox in third. The last tournament was the Madden NFL 10 X-Box 360 tournament, on October 1, 2009. Steven Carden took first place, Zach McCann came in second, and Andrew Rasschaert followed in third. Ben Kramer, the NRCC Student Activities Conselor, wishes to thank all the participants in each of these tournaments. The next lounge tournaments will be held during the 2010 spring semester.

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